Martin, Andrew and I we’re at a Psychic Party tonight. Martin and Andrew did readings and I talked about Andrew with the people waiting for a reading.

It’s what Andrew did to Martin during the readings that was funny! Martin said it felt like old times, like The Muck never left the physical. Andrew would be playing around with Martin like making up words, then Martin would say to him, (in his head) “That’s not a word” and while Martin is trying to think of the word Andrew would be going “La la la la la la” to distract him!! LOL Or Martin would ask him for information and Andrew would ignore him and instead say “So, How’s it going?” Like he would always do throughout our day when he was here. LMAO! But then he’d throw in some powerful info for the person and go back to kidding around with Martin. Martin said he forgot Andrew wasn’t here physically anymore because their connection was so strong.

Then Andrew pressed his face against the sliding door because the golden retriever was peering out so Andrew was messing with him but they are older and weren’t really taking him on. Then was waving over at me. I missed that one :-( I was too busy yacking about my Muck, teaching about Arch Angels, & taking care of & honoring one self. See? You get so much more when you have us over for a psychic party! :-D

Oh! Oh! Almost forgot, Martin had a brownie in a napkin and a chunk of icing got on the napkin so he’s licking away at it like you do when you are ALONE. But then he realizes that he’s not alone, his next person is sitting there watching him!! LOL LOL He’s then sez (in his head) “Dammit Andrew! Why don’t you have me just pick my nose too while you’re at it!” ROFLMAO! Andrew was being the funny son & taking advantage of Martin’s outta body state of mind. LOL LOL LOL We’re calling it chocolate gate! :-D

Martin said he had so much fun working with Andrew tonight, even if Andrew was messing with him. He can’t wait to do it again and we get to on May 24th at Karen T’s house! YAY!

Martin said it is so cool to have Andrew as his main Guide now because unlike with his other Guides that’s he’s worked with, like Merlin and St. Patrick, he remembers his time with Andrew. Also Andrew understands & remembers time, money and being human. :-)

On the way home as Martin was discussing all this with me and we’re laughing at Andrew’s antics, I saw with my 3rd eye Andrew sitting in the back seat with his ‘Sputnik’ head in my rear view mirror & with that big grin of his laughing right along with us! He was quite proud of himself! He was laughing and clapping like he does when something is really funny. It was fun driving home with the 3 of us laughing and having a good time, even poking fun at Andrew! Just like old times!


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  1. Dana says:

    Awesome Connie! Andrew is indeed a busy guy on the Other Side! He came through for my clients last Sat and Mon as well! He’s such a bright, happy and warm and FUN energy! It makes ME feel good just being in his energy!

    Psssttt….Andrew had me go back and add the ‘FUN’ :-D

  2. kimberley says:

    Ditto, to Dana “he is a busy guy” and it’s evident how much he Loves and Adores his Mommy & Daddy. I love how he was playing with Martin, especially “la la la la la” . What a special evening for you all.

    Big Angel Hugs to You

  3. Leo says:

    Very funny and delightful. I wish I lived closer so that I could have you over for a party.

  4. admin says:

    I wish everyone who posts here lived close enough Leo!

    Andrew does keep busy! We had a lot of fun Friday night w/him! I look forward to more nights like that! I know you know how he is Dana. I’m sure he was more professional with you tho. ;-)

  5. Karen T. says:

    I can’t wait Connie! I know Andrew will make the party so much fun! Any locals want to join? Lemme know.

  6. Leah Clark says:

    I can’t wait ’til the 24th! Hanging out with you guys is a highlight of my life! If you haven’t been to a psychic party with Martin and Connie, gitcher buns over to Karen’s on the 24th!!! :)

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