I’m sorry Leah, I couldn’t wait, I was so excited about this story I just had to share. Martin posted it on his blog already. Leah sent me this email this morning.
Here’s Leah’s story:

Hey Connie

Just had to tell you about an awesome experience I had this morning. I just recently got back into doing yogic breathing as part of my morning meditation. I have four different types of breathing I do, for a short period of time, and a selection of music or chanting that I listen to as I do each one. I find that the regular deep breathing detoxifies my body and helps with my diabetes.

As you may or may not know, diabetes can affect the heart, blood pressure, etc. I have not been the best about eating what I’m supposed to lately, nor about exercising like I should. I worry sometimes about my heart and my blood pressure when I’m misbehaving, ’cause I ain’t getting any younger! LOL But I also know that I can (and am!) healing my body with every positive step I take.

As I do my breathing, I sit on the floor of my studio with the window open and incense burning, with my headphones on so I won’t get disturbed by the kitties when they scratch at my door. This morning it was pretty gloomy outside. I had the lights off and it was dark in my studio. I had my eyes closed, doing the last breathing exercise and listening to a chant. Behind my eyelids, it got noticeably brighter, as if the sun had suddenly come out – I started to open my eyes to see if it had, when I “saw” someone standing in front of me. When I felt a hand on either side of my head, I realized it was Pure Heart.

For me, there is always a profound difference between Andrew and Pure Heart. When Andrew is with me, I see his smile and hear his laugh. When Pure Heart is present, he is Pure Warrior, Pure Healer, Pure You- Might-Want-To-Pay-Attention-To-What-Comes-Next. So I remained still with my eyes closed and his hands on either side of my head. Then my head was gently guided back, exposing my chest. Remember when I had the experience at your house, with Pure Heart’s hand on my heart? (she astral travels to my house) Well, this time he blew on my chest. I know – weird, right? In my mind’s eye, his breath opened my skin and bones and exposed my heart. My heart was made of lead. As he continued to blow, the lead melted and became pink flesh. I could feel his breath moving through my veins and arteries, opening them, increasing blood flow. All systems were in working – or better – order. Then the flesh closed up again, his hands gently guided my head back to its original position, and he said, “Be well.” Then he was gone.

When the music ended, I opened my eyes. The sun had not come out, in fact it had gotten even darker outside. So I knew the light couldn’t have been a ray of sunlight but the awesome presence of Pure Heart. I feel peaceful and like I want to cry at the same time. “Be well.” I’ll carry that with me in all I do today.

Thanks for raising such a wonderful Avatar. I am blessed to have his help and healing, and blessed to have you and Martin in my life. I love you guys!!!

In faith, prosperity and song,


It’s stories like these when I KNOW that Andrew couldn’t have hit his full potential here. He says he carries 2 passports now, one for here and one for the Other Side…he says he’s a dual spiritual :-D He told Martin after he read the email this morning, “Daddy, you and Mommy raised me enough so I was able to raise myself to my Highest potential with no regrets.” What a beautiful gift huh? Without a doubt our work with Andrew is just beginning! Thank you Leah or sharing! You have the coolest encounters with Andrew!


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Wow – I made the Healive blog AND Martin’s blog with this one! Woo-hoo!!! LMAO! I wouldn’t have sent it to you if I hadn’t been okay with you sharing it, Connie. :) I was gone all day and was happy to get your email when I get home. And as I said in my return email to you, my friend said my pulses were stronger today than they’ve ever been! I think the coolest part about all of this, though, is that I get to share about Andrew with so many more people than I ever thought I would! And ALL of them have been touched by the stories, ALL of them. That’s how awesome Andrew is! Be well…

  2. admin says:

    Ok, not only is your story shared here but also on the ATP board, I told Swati to shhhhhh until I got your official ok from you LOL. AND on the James Van Praagh board! Your story is helping moms all over the world who have lost a child. The stories I share there about Andrew give them hope that they will be able to connect with their child one day soon. It gives me hope that I will connect with Andrew in that way soon too!

    Then to have the proof as well? Very cool! Keep it coming Andrew! We all can’t get enough Muck stories! ;-)

  3. Karen T. says:

    I had chills reading! So awesome what he does…he rocks!!

  4. Jane says:

    Well done Martin and Connie for helping Andrew to reach his full potential. And Congrats to you Leah for having such an amazing experience with Pure Heart.

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Reading stories like this, I am truly blessed and humbled to have been entrusted with raising an Avatar. This story has helped me so much and I am going to focus on this story to get me through the holidays. How can I not see the bigger picture and how magnificent this journey has been when I read a story like this? You just can’t ignore the beauty of it all.

    It does proves that Martin and I did an incredible job Jane, so much so that Andrew was able to truly be who he came here to be, and move on to be even more of who he really is. Unfortunately for us on one level, he couldn’t fulfill his potential here until he left. On the Higher level we ALL benefit from Andrew moving to his Higher purpose as PureHeart. He can help us more from where he is now than if he had stayed here. The mama gene is still adjusting to it but it does help knowing that.

    Thank you Leah for being so open to receiving because it has given me such a beautiful, HUGE gift! Not only a gift for me but to all those who read it. Especially those who have lost a child, it gives them hope that they will be able to connect with their child on the Other Side one day. At the very least it lets them know that their child is indeed alive and well.

  6. Swati says:

    Alright!! So now I can know about this officially! :-D Leah, you have the coolest experiences!!

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