I DID IT! I gave my notice at Olive Garden. I had such mixed emotions about it, it is bittersweet, but I knew that I had to do it. I told my manager Tim, I needed to talk to him before he left. Because as we already know, there was no guarantee that I was going to leave before him. *cut the cord Connie! Just cut the cord to last Monday already!* Anyway, I knew he would understand. He has always been supportive of my work that I do with Martin and Andrew, and my needs as a server. I couldn’t handle working doubles, or more than 3 shifts a week serving, and he always honored that. I may not have been their strongest server, or a work horse, but I am reliable, I am always on time, never called in sick, never had a no call-no show, never been written up, got along with everyone, did my job well, and was always sober! You wouldn’t think that the latter was a big deal, but it is! Especially in the restaurant biz.

When I told Tim I was giving my notice of leaving, he said he understood. He told me that he had the utmost respect for me, as I have for him. He said he knew I had bigger things to do. He totally understood what this job has meant to me. I told him I would stay through December if he needed me, because I wouldn’t leave him hanging. He appreciated that.

On my way home I was pondering what I had just done, my ego wondering if I had done the right thing. The ego is always there to help you second guess yourself. You know how it goes. My ego started saying, “What’s different about this time with you doing bookings? How is it going to be any different than the last time you were booking your concerts? Or even further back, your comedy & mediumship show? You saw how that went! You couldn’t get the ball rolling either of those times!” Awww ain’t the ego sweet? I begin to think about it. Why didn’t it work before? Or why didn’t I just book mediumship events to begin with? Who knows. Maybe because I needed to be at Olive Garden and meet the people, fellow employees and O.G. guests included, that I met these past 21 months. Maybe Martin and I needed some more down time to heal our grief before being out in the public more. One thing I do know is that there are no coincidences and there’s a reason for everything.

I’m at a stop light thinking about all of this, wanting to pimp slap my ego, when I let a car go in front of me. I noticed the license plate had an M77 in it. I think, “Hmmmm 7’s in Angel numbers mean, “accolades from heaven! You’re on the right track!” I then think about the “M” and what that might mean. That is when I heard, “it’s for Muck, Mommy! Muck sez you’re on the right track!” I can feel his smile. Then I feel that familiar “Muck” energy, but he wasn’t done with me yet! I look at the car next to the one I let in front of me and it’s a Jeep. It has the spare tire on the back with the tire cover that says, “Life Is Good.” Andrew loved the “Life Is Good” merchandise. He bought the necklace and the shirt with it that are still in his room. But on this tire cover it didn’t have the typical smiley face on it, this one had a daisy on it. When I see that, I hear Muck say, “I picked that flower just for you Pretty Mama!” Well, that brought tears to my eyes as I could feel his energy hugging me. I just love me and my Muck chats when we’re in the car. Just like the old days, only in the new way.

So no more soup and salad for me in the beginning of the year. I’ll be focusing on working with Andrew and Martin full time again, booking mediumship events and PureHeart Method classes. As I said on my FaceBook page, The Universe can’t make a move in your life until YOU do! SO my foot is off of 1st base and I’m heading to 2nd! Plannin on headin around to 3rd base then onto a HOME RUN! Onward and upward I say! I…AM…READY!


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