Our Very Own SiFi Channel!

We recently decided that since Martin spends more time outta body than in, and is a great vehicle for channeling, that we should take advantage of that.  :biggrin:

SO we tried it Sunday. Jeremy asked the questions, & I transcribed, which apparently is what I do on the other side, I always have scrolls in hand. ;) As Jeremy is asking the questions, it is a Joshua that is answering during the first channel. While this is going on, Martin is spending time w/Andrew. As we all know, Martin is a metaphysical overachiever.  :biggrin:

Martin told me later that while the channel was going on, Andrew took him to this farm like place that had stags. Andrew shows Martin the stags and then says “This one’s name is Donner, that one is Blitzen, over there is Comet….”  Then Andrew looked at Martin with that big cheesy grin of his and they started laughing. There was no major meaning behind it, just some fun father/son time goofing around.

The info from the channel was just for us. We did it again the other night. We know some of the channels will be for public knowledge & others will be just for us. You know I will share what I can.  ;)

It was interesting the info we received about the #’s 10 & 22 that we keep getting. We were giving some info about it but only a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture. After the 2nd channel we were watching Warehouse 13 on SyFy and it was eerie the messages in it. For instance, there was a Joshua that was stuck between dimensions. His sister Claudia, was trying to save him. This happened to Joshua when Claudia was 10! It was 12 yrs ago! (Andrew’s b-date 5/12) which made her 22! There’s the 10 & 22 again. Martin had doodled shapes and stuff on paper after the channel & before the show. Some of the shapes & symbols he drew on paper, we saw on the tv show! Wild weird stuff people!We will be taking the info we get and blog what we are allowed to. So stay tuned to Martin’s blog for more info! ;-)IT’S ALL GOOD!

P.S. I forgot to mention that in the last channel that PureHeart put a crystal in the top of Martin’s head. Not placed it there but put IN his head. Jeremy put it the rest of the way through after the channel. Jeremy is the crystals guy on the Other Side. Martin had a headache after, as did Jeremy. I guess Martin was assimilating the new energy is why he had the headache. Cool huh?

Martin remembers some of the channel but he’s usually off having another cool experience. He tells us what he was doing or sometimes what was going on ‘over there’ during the questions. Martin sees our Higher Selves. For instance, for some of the questions, Andrew would look to MY Higher Self for permission as to what he could say to us here. I am quite the scholar ‘over there,’ which makes me wonder why I can be such a tardo here. Well, in the book smarts anyway. :-p I am far from being a tardo in life experiences about standing in your power not getting caught up in the BS traps of this dimension. I will say Andrew’s leaving has pushed me to the brink, but I still have NOT taken the route that most grieving parents take.

I don’t say this from a big ego frame of mind, just from my observations over the years, but I am the wisest person I know here, Andrew was my match. And at 16? That is quite a feat. I am owning my wisehood. After being around A-list metaphysical authors,other Wise Ones for years now,seeing how a lot of them handle tough life situations, I can still honestly say I am the wisest person I know! I have no problem owning it now. ;-) I just looked at the time and it’s 2:22!!! Andrew agrees! :-D


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9 Responses to Our Very Own SiFi Channel!

  1. Karen T. says:

    Holy wow!! That is so cool to imagine happening. Must’ve been in person too. Yes…do tell!!

  2. admin says:

    It’s pretty cool Karen! Because as Joshua (the 1st time) and PureHeart (the 2nd time) we answering questions, in between giving me some time to write things down, you could hear Martin mumbling and I could feel that there was other stuff going on, like they were discussing the answers they were going to allow us to have. It’s always wild time at our house huh Karen? Certainly not your average bears! :-)
    I have to put up another piece in this post that I thought was cool. I’ll put it after the It’s All Good.

  3. Swati says:

    Do you know who Joshua is? Never a boring moment in your house, is there? LOL! With Martin being out of body most of the time, it must be all some crazy sight! You guys should put a webcam on for us to see! :-D

  4. admin says:

    WOW! Swatiiiiiiiiii! You stopped by!

    I know!!! We’d be a much better reality show than some of the crap they put on!

    We don’t know who Joshua is @ the mo, if I remember correctly, there has been past lives with him. Andrew did say after he crossed that he had met so many that he knew, but not from this lifetime.

  5. Sue says:

    Yeah, you ARE wise… I think the hallmark of us wise ones is that we go around looking at other people and at least thinking (if we’re kind) or saying (if we’re feeling ornery) DUH! It doesn’t take rocket science to figure THAT one out… or HELLOOOO!!!

    Sounds like you guys are having a tremendous time!

  6. admin says:

    Yea, that’s pretty much how I feel a lot of the time Sue.

    We did another session tonight, have to go over notes and pull together a blog for it all. That is what Martin’s blog is for. The next time we meet we’ll be going over the notes/my chicken scratchings :-) from the past 3 sessions & sort out the info. We need to do it while Jeremy and I can still fill in the blanks that my writing missed. ;-)

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Wow – as you say, never a dull moment. I can feel the prickling in my crown and third eye chakras as I read this. Can’t wait to hear the rest… of the stoooory… LOL

  8. admin says:

    You take for granted the basic emotions you have, and the true power that they really hold. For once you master & understand them, that is where true power lies on this dimension. Your emotions are the keys to real power. Use them wisely. ;-)

    PureHeart sez that when you hear information, see how it makes you feel, that should be your gauge. Even if you don’t fully understand it, how did it make you FEEL?

  9. Karen T. says:

    That’s what I meant by “I’ve been getting that” when you and I FB chatted the other night. Info that I don’t quite understand, but that feels so right on. It’s pretty awesome when it happens!

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