5th Dimension Living

Living in the 5th Dimension.

I wrote before about multi-dimensional living as a grieving parent, but now I am going to write about what 5th dimensional living means to me.

As December 21, 2012 was approaching, the mainstream arena and religious worlds were all bizzed about the end of the world. The metaphysical world was all bizzed about “the ascension” to the 5th dimension. It was the Y2K hype all over again! AND I didn’t buy into that one either! I mean, you write a computer program and problem solved! Nothing shuts down. DUH! Geeez! Humans are so gullible!

Many thought that December 21st, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar meant that those “in the know” would ascend to their “Light Bodies” to the 5th dimension, therefore some were not concerned with what they did with their 3rd dimensional bodies, because they were leaving them behind anyway…so they thought. Ha! Joke was on them, huh?! Rumor has it that even if that did happen, your bodies would go with you. Andrew mentioned something like that when he was 14yo.

While I found all this 5th dimensional ascension buzz interesting,  I knew it wasn’t going to be as dramatic as people were planning on it being. I also knew the world wasn’t going to end either. I knew on December 22, 2012, I’d wake up just like any other day, only difference is that I was in Belfast, N Ireland and Martin had just gotten out of a 3 week stint in a Dublin hospital the night before. How bad did we want those 5th dimension-ers to be right!? LOL A Light Body sounded really, really good about then!

But now since the latest health crisis in my family, Martin’s 2nd in 18 months, the 4th one in under 8 years, I am now seeing what 5th dimensional living means to me. It doesn’t mean I literally ascend to a Higher vibration, (which would be waaaay cool though!) but my consciousness has.

What does that mean exactly? It means that I can look beyond the tragedy that is my life at the mo, being home alone to keep Martin’s and my life going in the U.S. while he is getting cancer treatment 3,000 miles away, and be open to the endless possibilities, and feel genuine peace about it. Look beyond what is happening in this dense 3rd dimension and feel the Higher vibrations that are happening all around me.

To me, living in the 5th dimensional vibration is not about actually physically ascending, but instead not being bogged down by what is happening in your 3rd dimensional life and looking beyond it. In my opinion it is about KNOWING that you are an Infinite Being of Light and have access to ALL the Universe has to offer! The endless possibilities! All we have to do is be open to it and the all too important, ALLOW ourselves to be open to receiving it. Bottom line, it is our CHOICE if we want to receive all that we have access to, or not.

Since Martin left for N Ireland, I have used my time wisely. While I was a hot mess before he left because I was caught up in my own little dense 3rd dimensional world of what was, ie, I can’t afford to keep our home going on just my own income, Martin and I haven’t been separated from one another in 12 years, I am still a grieving parent, and now to be left all alone to deal with this situation too? REALLY? I won’t survive this! Martin and I are a team! How was I going to come home from work to an empty house, other than my co-dependent wiener dog, Merlin? Martin and I have gone through everything TOGETHER! How can I do this alone? How is anyone even trusting me to be on  my own?!! I can’t be trusted! Blah blah blah. You get the picture, dense 3rd dimensional thinking.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t go for the dull knives, or an empty garage somewhere to end it all, I mean everyone knows I am not a fan of this place called Earth anymore, the planet is great, it’s inhabitants kinda suck, and I’m looking forward to “moving on,” blowing this Popsicle stand, going back Home!  But instead of doing that, I went digging deep into our “healing tool box” of things that we teach, I needed bigger guns, so to speak, and started using those, with Andrew’s help.

Martin left January 22, 2015, two days after his scary ass oncology appointment here. That dr was a real schmuck! Martin’s leaving was so quick, I didn’t have time to think! My head was spinning! My husband was leaving to go 3,000 miles away for cancer treatment. We left him at the Orlando airport, and as I gave him my last hug and kiss, with tears streaming down my face, I wondered if that would be the last time I would ever see him again, feel him in my arms again. That is some pretty big dense 3rd dimensional stuff to deal with! Nothing light about it.

Yet the next morning when I awoke, I felt a peace about me. I could feel Andrew’s energy surrounding me with his love. I decided to start taking time for me and to build a solid foundation within myself to be able to deal with what I had coming up. I didn’t have to worry about the mortgage or any other bill until February, so I didn’t. I just took care of my own emotional well being. I cleaned the house, well, tidied it up anyway, got it the way I like it so when I come home it looks nice, feels peaceful.

I started with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping consistently, twice a day. I worked on and continually to work on raising my vibration and stay focused on the bigger picture, which is, that I am so much bigger than my body, than this 3rd dimension! When in truth I am an infinite Being with endless possibilities and I ALLOW myself to be open to ALL the amazing endless possibilities available to me now! So instead of feeling lonely when I come home from work, I feel like I am coming home to my own slice of Heaven, me and my wiener dog! =D I enjoy my alone time to keep building a strong foundation of emotional peace. Who knew? I am really great company for myself!

I am starting to realize Andrew’s quote more and more, “Life is a game I never want to stop playing.” This game does exhaust the hell out of me, and I am looking forward to the finish line, when ever that might be, but while I am here, I am going to give this game my all and play it well, and use ALL the tools at my disposal! Because when this game is done for me, I want to look back and be able to say, “Well played Connie! Well played!”

So in a nutshell, in my opinion, 3rd dimensional living is thinking small, inside the box, looking at what is, and thinking that this is all there is, while 5th dimensional living is KNOWING there is NO box, only the one we create for ourselves, and looking beyond what is. It’s re-remembering who we truly are! The magnificent, infinite, Beings of Light we really are! It’s right there inside your 3rd dimensional meat suit. To paraphrase Glenda the Good Witch, “It’s been there the whole time!”  You just have to re-remember that! And when you do, you unlock the door to the Higher vibrations, 5th dimension, or other wise, the endless possibilities. YOU get to choose! How great is that? And as “The Muck” ALWAYS reminded us…..


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  1. You have a lot of people out here rooting for you also. Big Hugs.. working on keeping my vibrations up there also.

  2. pureheart says:

    Wow! That’s all I can say about that. Thanks wee woman for this insight. You have done it again.

  3. Thx Jacki! I feel that energy as well! So glad you enjoyed it Marts!!

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