2012: Year Of The Dragon

Hells yeah! Is all I can say. I have dragon energy ALL around me! People saw my dragon back in 2002, which is when I first became aware of my dragon. Musician friend, Michael Wise of Angel Earth, named her “Puff” back then. I know, how cliche, but I liked it and the name stuck.

Can I tell you what that means on any other level, like astrology, or Chinese New Year wise? Nope! I just know it’s the year of the dragon and what it means to me.

When I took Doreen Virtue’s mediumship class back in June 2002, one of the students said to me during her audience reading practice, “YOU have a dragon behind you whose wings are down and ready to spread. She is ready to spread her wings so you need to step it up!” I was in shock! Seriously? I have a dragon around me? Cool! Kinda explains a lot. At the next Angel Therapy Practitioner(r) class of Doreen’s the following week that I staffed, Doreen had the students try to see my dragon. She had me stand in front of the class so they could try and see her. Some of the students could. That is when Michael named her, and I was known as the Dragon Lady from then on.

Now to know that 2012 is the year of the dragon? Well, I am so freakin excited! Doesn’t mean that I hated 2011. Not at all. I never blame a year for how I feel about my life. Well, not for quite sometime anyway. Especially since I know it ALL boils down to me and my choices, not the year. I’m just excited to be working even more with my dragon energy! I am finally ready again.

When I think about 2007 I don’t think it was a horrible year because Andrew was diagnosed and then passed. I think of it fondly as the last year I had my son with me here. I think about all the beautiful times I had with him in 2007, including the hospital stay. It was hard for me to ring in 2008 because I didn’t have Andrew here with us physically to bring it in with. I didn’t want to let go of 2007.

I often think about how Andrew always chose to be happy and grateful no matter what. I think about one of Oprah’s shows about gratitude. They talked about that if you needed a machine to breathe for you, be grateful there is a machine to do that. If your kidneys fail, be grateful there is dialysis. Well guess what? I had to be grateful for each of those things when Andrew was diagnosed, because he needed a machine to breathe for him and act as his kidneys, AND another machine help stabilize his temperature and on and on. Leukemia gave us a whole lot to be grateful for. Ok, that might be pushing the envelope a little bit, but the point is, we still chose to focus more on the blessings than the heart ache. We acknowledged the heartache, we just didn’t wallow in it. Through the leukemia, we found a whole lot of other things to be grateful for that we didn’t know even existed. But man! Were we ever grateful they did!

So if you think 2011 sucked for you, think about YOUR choices! Think about YOUR attitude! Because when I lived on a children’s cancer floor for 4 months, and saw more joy in those kids than I see in HEALTHY adults who make crappy choices, I have NO pity for them. I have NO tolerance for anyone who had the honor of being in the presence of one of these amazing kids and haven’t been inspired by them! I mean seriously! How do you not be inspired by watching a child go through cancer treatment, and still be able to smile or laugh? It is awe-inspiring! It makes you want to be a better person, or least it should.

I will NEVER understand those that had the incredible honor of being in my son’s presence, an Avatar no less, while he underwent such horrendous leukemia treatment, and still be happy, yet they have the nerve to bitch about their lives when it is THEIR decisions that got them there. It goes beyond my comprehension. I can feel that ole dragon energy rising! Dragon energy is not a fan of stupidity.

With this going into the 5th year of Andrew’s leaving, people better watch out! Grief may have brought me to my knees, and people may have taken advantage of that. But I am standing up now, stronger than ever…AND ready to move forward at lightening speed with my Muck, my husband, and Puff by my side! Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way people, because make no mistake, we ARE coming through!

So, as you come into 2012 remember, it is about welcoming in a new year, and not just about kissing off the old one. Thank the old year for what it has taught you, and be ready to live the lessons you have learned from this past year, in the new one. Remember to APPLY the new knowledge! Without applying or doing, change will never happen in your life. It is up to YOU! Tap into the strength and wisdom of the dragon energy that is going to be prevalent this year, and watch the magick begin!

Happy New Year!

And as Andrew ALWAYS reminds us,


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4 Responses to 2012: Year Of The Dragon

  1. Karen T says:

    I am soooo excited for what the dragons will bring in!!

  2. admin says:

    For those that are aware of it & are willing to embrace the power & wisdom of the dragon energy, great things await! ;-) But for those that aren’t in integrity, they will be scorched! hehehe

  3. Cathy Talsma says:

    Wow Dragon Lady….I sure did need to read that today. Thanks so much. Love you guys, Cathy

  4. admin says:

    you are so very welcome Cathy! Thx for reading!

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