Of course as we were out and about today Martin shares another “Muck story” with me while I’m driving. I’m driving while making mental notes of words to help anchor the story in my mind so I can blog it later, because my memory is that of 10 sec Bill or whatever his name is on 50 First Dates, see? I can’t even remember his name! So here it goes, let’s see if the anchoring worked.

Martin said this morning he sees Andrew and he’s got a cell phone making a call. As Martin is looking at him, Andrew shows him the cell phone like, “umm pick up Daddy!” SO then Martin has to visualize having a cell phone and when he does, lo and behold! It’s ringing! Martin answers it “Hello?” he hears, “Hi Daddy! How’s it going?” Martin replies, “Awesome! How are you doing?” Andrew, “I’m always Awesome!” Then grins his big grin of his. Martin was still trying to figure out what this was all about. Why call him on a cell phone even though they can see each other.

Martin then asks Andrew “what do you need?” He says, “Daddy, do you know why they measure small distances by length and bigger distances by time?” Andrew knew that question would send Martin off on a wee journey and of course it did. Any kind of question like that sends Martin on a journey of the endless possibilities. I asked Martin if Andrew had some friends around to show them how easy his father is to send off on a journey. Martin, “yea, he probably did!” We got a chuckle outta that one. I could just see Andrew saying to his friends, “Come here, ya gotta see this. Watch how easy my Dad is to send off on a journey.” Then a bunch of them gather round eating popcorn waiting for the show to start!

When Martin was finally done pondering that question, he said “So what’s the reason for the question Muck?” Muck’s reply, “Gotta go Daddy, bye” and Andrew clicks his cell like he had someone on the other line. I’m not really sure if Andrew did that because he knew it was a journey Martin would enjoy, or if Andrew just wanted to entertain his friends. We may never know until we get over there ourselves and go over them “good old days” on Earth together.

Ahhhh ya gotta love father and son time!


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