I’ve been meaning to write this post for nearly a week now but with the new job, it has been difficult. SO here it finally is.

When you have a child on the Other Side, you do learn a heck of a lot. Like when they say we are all one, therefore all connected, you really get to see it in action. People that you have never met you find you are connected to. It is pretty cool to witness. Would I prefer Andrew here instead? In a heartbeat! But since he no longer is, you have to look for the blessings and teachings in all this.

Martin had a client whose daughter had passed in a car crash when she was in her early 20’s about 5 years ago. Andrew showed up with her in this reading. They know each other and are actually working on a project together. They didn’t tell us what kind of project. Just because you are psychic, doesn’t mean you get ALL the answers like a lot of people believe! I know, bummer, but that just isn’t how things work! Welcome to Earth! :-D

Martin had this reading the day I had the message of “Ul b ok” on the license plate of the Ford Focus as I was going to work. (see previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Sometimes these signs just keep on giving and are just a set up for more teachings!

Martin found out that this client’s daughter passed in a car crash in what?? A FORD FOCUS! Coinkeedink? I think not! Not when it comes to Spirit! Oh but it doesn’t end there! Andrew was standing behind her and whispers in her ear what to say to Martin. What does she say? Something Martin can not repeat to his client, that is fo sho! This one was strictly for Martin’s ears…and my blog! ;-) Muck told her to say, F.O.R.D.= Found On Road Dead! Now you gotta understand, for those who have crossed it is NOT a tragedy, they are truly Home, they are where we spend most of our time. They see how our time here is so limited and “death” is just a continuation of what has always been.

Martin says to Andrew, “Dude, you just didn’t tell her to say that! I am NOT repeating that to her mother!” Although, her mother was very open and knows there is so much more than here. Her daughter has the same kind of energy as Andrew, they just got it when they were here. But there was no way Martin was repeating that one to her mother!

Andrew then peeks over her shoulder and says “Too soon Daddy?” Martin sez, “ya think?” Then Andrew and this girl start laughing. Glad they are having such a great time, us parents are STILL not amused and still trying to deal with losing our kids physical presence! But it’s good to know that our kids are having such a great time! Actually hearing stories like these really do make my day! I LOVE hearing what Andrew is doing and how he is working with and effecting other people…here and there. It’s pretty cool and it helps me to not get caught up in all the BS of this dimension, because no what matter happens here….


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4 Responses to 1 DEGREE OF SEPARATION!

  1. kerri thompson says:

    first i would like to say how gifted a writer u r. it is amazing how ur stories flow with wit and humor. i was introduced to u guys thru a friend. well introduced as in a theory, we haven’t actually met. i enjoyed ur mindsmack tv shows and am thoroughly enjoying ur blog. i actually have a question more than a comment, although i guess i just did that. lol. i know u say ur son was an avatar and i am refering to something more simple, but i am wondering if people who r psychic or mediams have a more special role in the afterlife as they seem to have here on earth. i uderstand ur son was a lil more special than that, its obvious looking at his pics and seeing the beauty radiate off him. but what about a more simple psychically conected person. i know peole say we all have it in us, but some seem to need nothing more than that it happens, no teaching or practicing or interpretting. just a thought i was reflecting on and wondered what ur opinion was. with ur knowledge and open self i thought u would be one to express ur opinion smoothly and easily understood. i realize u r a busy person and it is not so important if u have other things to do.
    love, peace, health and happiness

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Kerri for reading and responding. I was wondering if anyone was even reading my blog anymore. I am so glad you are enjoying my blog.

    There really is no blanket answer I can give. I think everyone has a special place here and on the other side. I think people have different levels of where they are at in their soul’s journey. One is not better than the other, it’s just where their soul is or what their soul wants to learn. It’s like saying a college student is better than a kindergartner. They aren’t, it’s just where they are in their life, one is not better or more special than the other.

    Even with Andrew being an Avatar, he is also a student on the Other Side as well as a teacher. He was our teacher here, as we were his. As far as psychic gifts, yes everyone has the ability just like everyone can learn to play piano, some just have a natural gift for it. I hope I was able to clarify a bit of what you were asking.


  3. kerri thompson says:

    i feel blessed to be led to ur blog. i have a friend on facebook that i went to high school with. he has a friend that i dont really know other than hearing her name when i was younger. lately the comments she was leaving on his facebook was catching my eye. then i was searching them out. finally i just had to write her. she shared some of what was going on in her life. i asked about her church. she explained. i asked if she knew a good psychic cos i felt i had some questions. she says martins name and says i will send u a friend suggestion. i had grown up around psychics that were hidden in life cos of religious beliefs. i admit i am skeptical of people that could possibly be fake. so i start reading about martin. then i go and watch the videos of mindsmack. then i get on this site and the first thing i really read is ur blog. i love it. i got back on facebook and requested u as a friend on there. somehow my original idea for wondering about a psychic has fallen to the wayside (i was feeling like something big was about to come into my life and antsy cos i had no clue). i am comforted by ur stories and enjoy them, and almost feel like the sun is shining on my face kind of content (my spelling maybe off. like calm, peaceful, no worries). u make me laugh, u make me smile, u make me feel. i love it. i hate that u have gone thru so much and that u have sorrow and miss ur son so much. sometimes i feel guilty for being excited about finding you when i read of a hard time. but its almost like finding ur people. like a familiararity of someone thinking or believing a way that u thought no one did but ur own crazy self. i have crazy views. i am different and proud of it, but i am glad i found some acknowledgement in what u write. again i worry that my excitement would sound like a stalker, but i like to learn and absorb things. i am excited by reading and learning. i want to shout oh my goodness do u know how excited i am to find this!! i think when we find something that makes us feal good we want to thank and thank and thank again. i am still learning and reading and enjoying it. i am bipolar and have concentration problems so getting excited makes me jump from place to place in what i am saying. oh, by the way, the girl that told me about u guys is leah clark. gotta give due wheres due. thanks to her, thanks to u. i am reading. u r reaching at least me, but i know alot others too. i hate this feeling like i wanna give back to u what u have given me and i have nothing to give.
    love, peace, health and happiness

  4. admin says:

    That is so awesome Kerri! Knowing that what I have gone through and all the writing I have done, means something to some people. That my experience has helped others. It does help hearing that someone really enjoys what I am writing and is getting something from it. I know my blog isn’t always easy to read because there can be a lot of pain in it, but that is the nature of grief. Not everyone has the stomach for it. I appreciate those that do.

    Hahahaha Leah was one of the people vying for #1 stalker status! :-D She was trying to beat out Swati! Now neither of them post here! Soooo it looks like you can take over the spot if you want! ;-)

    Thank you for reading, posting and sharing your heart felt comments, I really appreciate them! I will try and write more.

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