3 AM

ShareWell, it’s 3 a.m. and Andrew is resting pretty good. I have The Fairy of The Woods CD playing. He’s More restful than he has been. His oxygen levels are great right around 97 right now. We had an issue with it earlier today and he was put on oxygen. Today was a bit of a nightmare w/some doctors. Pulmonary doc came in and said he has lung disease. WTF??? AND they want to do yet another procedure and go into his lungs to get a biopsy. Every test has come back neg. R U kidding me?? They want him … Continue reading

The first Entry of My Blog

ShareHi everybody Andrew’s Dad here getting the ball rolling. Everybody else has posted comments to a non-esisting blog, so I willtake some time totidy things up. Andrew is doing well today, and we have him resting this weekend after putting some people in their place and taking our power back as parents. We have decided to let him rest this weekend and try to put back some of the weght that he released. He is such an inspiration to me, and at this point, has handed me a great list of things that are small stuff. I am surprised at … Continue reading

Here We Are…

ShareWell, it looks like it will be me blogging and not Martin or Andrew for awhile. Things are very hectic, always some kind of test going on. Today it is another lumber puncture (LP) where they do a spinal tap and they shoot chemo directly into his spine. It’s his 3rd one. *sigh* He is sedated for it. When they first did it there weren’t as many luekemia cells as they thought. SO that was good. Dunno what it is now. Haven’t heard…which we look at as a good sign. It’s when the docs won’t leave u alone u worry. … Continue reading