ShareThose are Andrews words this a.m. when things got tough. Every time he had to cough up something, that’s what he’d say. “Let’s Do this!” We had a rough few hours early this a.m. (Sunday) with his coughin, gaggin and breathing labored. I had to call Martin at 6 a.m. to come over and . Martin does hypnotherapy w/him and that helps. He had a fever, his BP was high, and breathing labored. He cried a few times from the pain in his throat when he coughed. Martin handles that stuff better than me. The mom gene kicks in high … Continue reading


ShareOne of my fairly new myspace friends wrote and recorded a beautiful song for Andrew. SHe reads the blog here and was inspired to write. I’ve never met her & she lives here in Tampa. Her name is Leah. I was touched that she would do his for him. She’s only been a myspace friend for maybe a month if that. She heard about me from her friend who I met on myspace that lives in Sarasota. YOu can hear the song at: www.myspace.com/ellceeleah She put his pic up with it. Enjoy! He’s still doing good. This muocusitus is such … Continue reading


ShareToday was a pretty darn good day. Everyday we spend w/Andrew is apretty good darn day! Great infact! He had a restful night. He had some dilonton last night which is another drug of choice of his. He hasn’t had any dilonton today ot tonight. He said he felt hung over this a.m…..not that he’s been hung over b 4. But he had his LP today so he was sedated for that and groggy for a few hours later. He is not fussed about LP’s anymore. WHen he found out they were doin it in his room he said “Sweet!”   The only thing he doesn’t like … Continue reading

Magnitude of Gratitude!

ShareAndrew is back to drinking soy milk, 48 oz. so far today!! And actually had a few small pieces of banana as well today!!! He is wanting to branch out more wanting some V8 Splash and some fruit juice. His blood pressure was high yesterday and last night, so he’s been on meds for that but it didn’t come down last night. I think because of the stress and frustration of his sore throat. He said if it weren’t for that he’d feel great! He has ulcerations in his throat from the chemo. SO you can only imagine how painful that must … Continue reading


ShareAndrew has had a rather restful night!! Finally sleeping w/ the occational talking in his sleep. He’s threaten to kick the s**t outta someone. Told someone else to keep up & other fun stuff. He’s been sleeping for quite awhile only waking for a few moments. He doesn’t even remember my sister giving him an hour foot massage! Martin and I finally got to spend a little time together. We had 2 dates in the hospital cafeteria yesterday!! We feel like teenagers again! Once we went was when Adele and her teacher, Betsy, tag teamed Andrew with energy work. We … Continue reading


ShareConnie Here:  Those were Andrew’s words the night after coming off a 5 day sedation and intubation, upon other profound and insightful things he shared with us. I am in constant awe of this child. Even today when I got here  & he was coughing and gagging because of the mucousitus he still said he was doin pretty good. He had a beathing treatment that actually worked!! Woohoo! FINALLY! Something that worked for a change w/o major side effects. He’s been resting pretty good altho still talking in his sleep. Not sure when he’s talking in his sleep or really … Continue reading

Another Restless Night

ShareMartin Here: Restless but good. I am keeping vigil tonight. His fever topped at 40.4 (Metric) tonight. Connie has gone back to Sarasota tonight to take care of the mail, the house and her puppy. She also has an appt to have the scrape on the car looked at tomorrow. I am checking Andrews temp every 45 minutes and it is going down again, but it just keeps going up and down. Nobody is sure why this is. It may be something created by the mucocitis, and it may be something due to a bug somewhere in his system that … Continue reading

My side

ShareAndrew had his first day of depression. He did not like it. He said it does not resonate with him. His sore throat is getting to him. The fact it’s too sore to eat anything has taken it’s toll. We discussed it then decided to put on The Secret to help shift the energy. It actually did help. We found he can drink Rice Dream milk w/ no stinging or pain. He may have to drink a gallon of it a day to gain weight but he’s willing to give it a try.  Like Martin said above, he goes for the lung thingy Monday at 4:00p.m. … Continue reading

Down To The Wire

ShareHey Everybody Martin here. We are down to the wire now, I can feel it. I am putting the thoughts into getting home with a perfectly healthy boy. I know the real healing will begin once we get him home. Tomorrow, he has a broncoscopy with wash to determine what it is that is causing the fever thst he has had since he came into the hospital. We are holding the thought that he is a Happy and Healthy Boy. He rested this weekend and had one x-ray tonight. I also feel that his throat is on the mend and … Continue reading

3 AM

ShareWell, it’s 3 a.m. and Andrew is resting pretty good. I have The Fairy of The Woods CD playing. He’s More restful than he has been. His oxygen levels are great right around 97 right now. We had an issue with it earlier today and he was put on oxygen. Today was a bit of a nightmare w/some doctors. Pulmonary doc came in and said he has lung disease. WTF??? AND they want to do yet another procedure and go into his lungs to get a biopsy. Every test has come back neg. R U kidding me?? They want him … Continue reading