A Healing Visitation By PureHeart

ShareI am always in awe of how magnificent my son truly is. How lucky I am to be part of such a powerful Soul’s purpose like Andrew’s/PureHeart’s is. Yes, it has been devastating for me as a mother, but on a Soul level it is beyond magnificent to be part of this journey with my son. And Leah is just one of the many reasons why. You can read about Leah in my book “No Regrets.” I have blogged before about her profound experiences with PureHeart. We came to know Leah when Andrew was in hospital. She wrote the song, … Continue reading

6th FUNeral Anniversary

ShareSunday October 27th is the 6th anniversary of our final goodbye to our beloved son Andrew. It ended up being called a FUNeral because I couldn’t say the other word regarding my son. It just didn’t seem right! So Andrew asked Martin what the first 3 letters of funeral was, hence his FUNeral was born & it was also called the FUNeral Home. Martin & I did our son’s service because no one else deserved that honor other than us! We started this journey together & we would end this part of it together too. This was the last time … Continue reading

6th Annual Int’l IT’S ALL GOOD DAY!

ShareI wrote this the morning of IIAGD. 6 years ago today was the absolute worse day of my life!!! I didn’t think it could get any worse after hearing a leukemia diagnosis for my 16yo son 4 mo earlier, but it did get worse. As I drifted off to sleep last night I remembered how 6 yrs ago last night was the last night I would ever have my son again. How I sat on the edge of my seat, leaning on his bed rail the entire night trying to will his oxygen numbers to go up, as he wore … Continue reading

The Meeting of an Avatar Part III

ShareWhen I do this Andrew gives me the answer to the problem just like his Dad. I guess what I am saying is that when Martin is not available, Andrew always is. I would also like to share another story of Andrew communicating with me. It was late Fall of 2012, on a very chilly morning. I woke up and I prepared my coffee and check in on face-book to see what everyone was up to. I saw a posting Connie put on face-book about Martin. He became very ill while they were out of country and had been admitted … Continue reading

The Meeting of an Avatar Part II

ShareI placed my call to Hern, we chatted about a few casual things. I kept getting interrupted by Andrew, to “DO IT”. I then said to Hern that I really needed to tell him something, I could tell he detected the fear in my voice and he knew I was serious. In a kind way Hern asked me what it was and assured me I could tell him what ever I wanted, because our call was confidential. Although he is a very good reader I don?t believe that what would happen next is what Hern saw coming. I was nervous, … Continue reading

The Meeting of An Avatar Part I

ShareIt started in mid September of 2011, life as I knew it started to changed. Stress, emotions and financial hardship were wearing heavily on my life and it felt as if everything was spinning out of control. I found myself feeling lonely, depressed and searching for answers. I was so lost within myself. I decided to contact a physic network. Not really knowing if this was the right thing to do. I reviewed over 200 readers on the site, each had his or her own style. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. But what I do know … Continue reading

Bobbing Balloon and Butterflies

ShareSigns come in so many ways as we have seen in my blog over the years. Well, here’s are a few more. The other week I was on my way home from an early morning work meeting when I see a familiar big smile in the distance. I thought that was an odd place to be seeing that big ole smile. I was coming up on a round-about that had bushes and plants in the center. In those plants I see a bobbing bright yellow, mylar, smilie face balloon, like the ones Wesley bought for Andrew’s first birthday not here. … Continue reading

Safe and Sound

ShareWell, Andrew is at it again with the songs. I know when he sends me a song, because of the certain feeling I get. It’s hard to put into words. But I will get a certain feeling when I hear a song and I know it’s from him, and I know I am suppose to pay attention to the lyrics. It usually takes a few tries for him to get my attention. It’s when I think, “I really like this song, I wonder why?” Then I get that feeling that is my son’s energy and I start to pay attention. … Continue reading

Here’s To The Night

Share*sigh* I wonder why certain songs hit me, then I remember what time of the year it is. It is that time of year when we were in hospital with Andrew six years ago. We were in hospital a few weeks already. I don’t even want to read in my book about what was going on, on this day. I’m sure it correlates to how I am feeling at the mo. I don’t want to add insult to injury. Anyway, the song below reminds me of the night Andrew and I had our first slumber party in hospital. It must … Continue reading