High Five From The Other Side!

We were busy all last week working/celebrating in Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton, the 7th Annual International It’s All Good Day! The big celebration was a mediumship event on Friday October 24th in Boca Raton. Unfortunately we couldn’t do it on October 22nd, the actual date, because of another event we were asked to attend in Coral Gables so we could promote the Friday event.

Our 7th Annual Int’l It’s All Good Day celebration was wonderful! For the price of a ticket, people not only got the mediumship event, but they got a nice dinner, cake, and a raffle where 6 gifts were given away! And we got to work and play with Andrew and his new friend.

It is always so interesting to me what happens at our mediumship events, especially when there is another grieving parent there. There was another mother there who lost her beautiful son when he was 17yo, 29 years ago. And amazingly enough she too said it still feels like yesterday when she lost him. Her son was boogie boarding when a friend was going under the water and called out for help. He did save his friend’s life but lost his own life in the process.

Her and I shared pictures of our sons, they had similar energy and smiles. Both so handsome! It felt great to be bragging about our sons to one another. It felt normal.

I knew Martin wouldn’t remember a damn thing she said about her son when he was in reading mode. And sure enough he did not remember a thing when her son did come through during the audience readings.

Well, the funny thing is, our boys teamed up to play with Martin! Even I could feel the energy of what they were doing! I could see Andrew saying, “Watch this, I bet I can get  my Dad to say this!” He got Martin to say something slightly inappropriate that did get a laugh, and for the life of me I can’t remember what it was they had him say now. BUT I could see the boys high five-ing one another that they got Martin to say something inappropriate! When I asked Martin about it, he said, “Oh yeah they high fived each other!” Even the other Mom knew they had done it.

It made my night seeing/feeling my son and his new friend messing with Martin! If felt like the old days in the new way, which always makes me smile and just feel fabulous feeling close to my son.

Martin had a great time with both boys that night. They were actually helping Martin with deceased relatives coming through, in between playing with him. It made for a fun night with lots of love and laughter! I know it helps me to stay focused on who Andrew is now and that makes my heart sing! Now if we can do this full-time? Grief wouldn’t have the hold on me it still does.

We had a beautiful week honoring our son, meeting new people and making soulful connections. These people inspire me as much as we inspire them. Doing this work reminds me that…..


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