Silent Lucidity

I have loved the song Silent Lucidity for decades now, but it’s not a song you heard a lot of on the radio. I’m not even sure where I first heard the song, but I have always loved it. I remember being in Derry a while ago, like before Andrew passed I believe, now that I think about it, it could’ve been 2 months after he passed when we went for his memorial, which would make sense now that I think about it. But I saw the Queensryche CD at our fav goth place in Derry, called Trash, and I was excited to see one of my fav songs on the CD, Silent Lucidity. It’s a hard song to find. Martin hadn’t heard of the band or the song. He wondered where I got the title for this blog from. I informed him that no, I wasn’t that creative, it was the name of a song. But it’s kinda coming together for me tonight though why I love it so much.

Last Friday night while causally strolling through
my FB news feed as I watched Grimm, I saw that someone I knew was front and center at a Queensryche concert. I got the “hit,” the “pull” to look up the Silent  Lucidity video on Youtube, but that wasn’t enough. I “heard” you NEED to see the lyrics! So I knew I had to pull that up too, but not until after I listened to it first. The guitar playing, the music, the singer’s voice, oy! It just sends me places!

So not only does the lead singer’s voice go through me like it always does, it was the 1st 2 lines that got my attention to where I knew the rest of the song would be poignant. The first 2 lines were, “Hush now don’t you cry. Wipe away the tear drop from your eye.” For anyone who has lost a child and is looking to connect with them more, I believe this is the message they want us to know, that when we can move past the pain, we can visit with them through lucid dreaming.

The back story is, since I have decided to move to N Ireland, and have been overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions, and yes, a whole lotta stress, I have begged Andrew to let me feel him by my side to help me cope, especially since Martin isn’t here with me for this big move. I have “thrown” my Faerie cards almost everyday and they say the same thing, all extremely positive. The message every time has been that I need to take time for myself, let go and break free of all the stress and in doing so I will be able to tap into Higher consciousness and my dreams will be coming true. Apparently this 10 year reign of one health trauma after another, and grief are about over! Who couldn’t be happier about that? That’s right! This girl! The thought of even getting relief from the grief and all this stress makes me giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning!

I will be going to N Ireland for 5 weeks first, in Feb before the big move the end of May. Martin and I have been talking about those 5 weeks. He told me that he wants me to focus on my Visionary Art, connecting with Andrew/PureHeart and to decompress, not stress about anything and just be me. So then comes along this song that just affirms everything I have been feeling and wanting to do. It’s as if Andrew is talking right to me in this song. Then I see that it came out when? 1991, the year Andrew was born. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Andrew inspired the writer of this song before Andrew was born! That’s right! That’s how things roll in our world! Some pretty freaky deaky info comes to us and frealy deaky shit happens to us! I know my “woo woo” friends get that one.

Also, as I am going through our life together of the past 28 years, deciding what to take, what to sell and what to “bin it” Derry Speak for garbage, or burn it. I wanted to set the shed on fire and just not deal with it, but the neighbors and probably the city would frown upon that. Anyway, I remember a small wooden plaque with an old looking painting of a unicorn on it that Andrew bought me at a garage sale when he was young. I was sad thinking I had gotten rid of it years ago when once again we were sorting through things as we were planning on moving to So California back in 2005. I thought to myself the other week when I remembered that plaque, if I find this, I KNOW Andrew is right there with me and things ARE moving in the right direction. Well guess what I found as my friend Patty and I were going through my gross shed on Friday? That’s right! That very same wooden unicorn plaque with Andrew’s hand writing on the back. If it weren’t for Patty making me go through the boxes completely, I would have probably lost that unicorn plaque.

So Andrew is making me it quite clear that he is right here, right by my side smiling, loving me, letting me know…..


P.S Martin didn’t write this, I did. I accidentally signed in under him.

Silent Lucidity

Hush now don’t cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You’re lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head
Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day
Your dream is over
Or has it just begun?

There’s a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run to in the night
Relax child, you were there
But only didn’t realize it and you were scared
It’s a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the years
And ride the whims of your mind
Commanding in another world
Suddenly, you hear and see
This magic new dimension

I will be watching over you
I am gonna help you see it through
I will protect you in the night
I am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity

Visualize your dream
Record it in the present tense
Put it into a permanent form
If you persist in your efforts
You can achieve dream control
Dream control
How’s that then, better?
Dream control
Dream control (hug me)
Dream control
Hug me

If you open your mind for me
You won’t rely on open eyes to see
The walls you built within
Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin

Living twice at once you learn
You’re safe from pain in the dream domain
A soul set free to fly
A round trip journey in your head
Master of illusion, can you realize
Your dream’s alive, you can be the guide but

I will be watching over you
I am gonna help you see it through
I will protect you in the night
I am smiling next to you

Big Brother



swatissonAndrew never got to be a big brother, until now that is.

When  he was in the hospital, thousands of people followed my blog to keep up on Andrew’s progress. One of them was Swati, she fell in love with Andrew. We “met” Swati on an angel board I was very active on because I had worked with the well known author who it belonged to. When Andrew passed, Swati was beyond devastated. She demanded that Andrew come back. Oh yes, she was serious! She fully expected him to listen to her! It still makes me chuckle thinking about it.

She said she would support us and our mission to keep Andrew’s Light shining even brighter, and she has done exactly that and more! She made us rings and engraved them herself. Mine says, “Who’s the PrettyMama,” something Andrew would always say to me. Martin’s says, “I love you Dad.” She has planted a beautiful rose bush in honor of Andrew and for his first birthday not here, and sends me a picture every year of it. She has not only lent her support but has continued to share my son with others, which is the greatest gift you can give a grieving parent, showing them that their child still matters in their own life as well as the parent’s!

Here is what she recently had to tell us:

pureheart-andrew-bear pureheart-andrew-bear-001“Dear Connie an Martin,
I wanted to share something amazing about Andrew with you. Connie you know how I have been helping Ujjwal (her son) sleep alone in his room by giving him the teddy bear I bought from you from Cafepress with Andrew’s picture on it? I had told him to ask Andrew and AA Michael to help him sleep and not be scared. I got to know yesterday how much he took this seriously because yesterday we were roaming around in Muir Woods and a woman came and told us that her son was lost. Ujjwal got very worried.

I told him he will be fine. So Ujjwal said, “I know, I have asked Andrew and Michael to look after him”. It touched my heart that he has been talking to Andrew. So I said to Andrew in my mind, “Can you please be his brother, and look after him? He is very simple hearted and does not know how to deal with the world”. Andrew laughed and said, “He will be fine! You worry too much”. Then later I saw beautiful sun rays streaming down, so I made Ujjwal stand there and took his picture. The sun rays turned into a purple funnel of light in my camera – just all around Ujjwal, with a sword of light right above in the funnel. It was amazing!! Like AAM himself coming and reassuring me.

Then this morning Ujjwal told me he dreamt of Andrew last night! I asked him what he saw, he said, “It was like Andrew was living with us. He was my brother, and was playing with me, being with him”. I was speechless! Just last evening I asked Andrew to be Ujjwal’s brother, and I did not tell Ujjwal that I had asked Andrew to be his brother. I don’t tell Ujjwal too much because I want him to have his own experiences, not because I plant things in his mind. So I didn’t tell him what I had asked Andrew. And Andrew replied to my request through Ujjwal’s dream, telling me that he IS going to be his brother, and be with him.

The ring Swati made me

The ring Swati made me

I can’t tell you how touched I feel with this. I have thanked Andrew so many times. Makes me so teary eyed with emotions. Then while Ujjwal was telling me his dream, I told him to let me know if he sees Andrew. Ujjwal sometimes sees spirits and angels etc. With his open eyes, like we see each other. And he cut me off and pointed to the space next to me on the couch and said, “He is sitting there right now”. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that. I feel good knowing that Andrew and AAM are so strongly there with my son. Ujjwal has been feeling lonely because his sister left for college. Has cried a few times and told me how lonely he felt. So it felt really lovely to know that Andrew will be his brother, and be with him. I have said thank you to Andrew. But you both too, tell him I said a HUGE thank you for this. It means the world to me.

The rose planted for Andrew, which has a funny story itself

The rose planted for Andrew, which has a funny story itself

I was thinking of you both this morning as Andrew has taken his brotherly job so seriously. Just now when I woke Ujjwal up he told me happily (which is a big deal, because he wakes up grouchy like me. Lol) and said, “Mamma I had trouble sleeping last night for a long time but I am still very happy because I was talking to Andrew. ” I asked him what he talked about. So he said he asked him if he would go biking with him this evening. And asked him what he thought of his Lego and Minecraft creations. Andrew was very encouraging and told him he thought he did a really good job. And then he told him he had a blue bike because Michael painted it blue for him. lol. Then while eating breakfast he smiled happily and said,”I wish everyone knew about Andrew and could talk to him.” I am truly grateful that Andrew is being his brother. Ujjwal missed talking about all this with his sister. But now he has Andrew.”

Well Dear Swati, it means the world to us that you are helping us on our mission to keep Andrew’s Light shining by sharing our son with your son!

I always knew Andrew would make a wonderful big brother! Whether it was from here or over there…



GOOD GRIEF! Proving Laughter IS The Best Medicine!


I was push… shove… nudge… I mean inspired to write a new comedy set called GOOD GRIEF! in 2013 while we were still in N. Ireland, as Martin recovered from major surgery while we were on our UK tour. It was my pushy… I mean lovely son on the other side, Andrew, who wouldn’t let it go when I told him to f-off… I mean leave me alone! That there was NO way I was going to write another comedy show when I couldn’t get the first one off the ground since he passed! I mean, like a metaphysical comedy act wasn’t a hard enough of a sell for me? Now I’m suppose to write a comedy show on losing my son? You’ve got to be kidding me with this! AND I told him I wasn’t writing another book to sit on a shelf collecting dust either!

Oh yes, I had some choice words with him, as I was writing down notes on ideas for the new comedy set. When I realized what he, I, was doing, I shouted, “get out my head dammit! Knock it off! Listen to your mother!” I could feel Andrew laughing while blessing my wee wooden head, me thinking I had a choice, and heard, “dance puppet! DANCE!” And that is exactly what I did, I wrote ideas down for my new comedy set on losing my son, calling it GOOD GRIEF! Andrew wins again! AND yeah, I started the 3rd book too.

Not  only  have I always  taken the road less traveled, I tend to take the road NOT traveled at all! Why I do this to myself is beyond me. Writing a comedy set not only on grief, but the grief of losing a child? A very taboo and painful subject. I mean, who does that? That’s right! This girl does.

connie-mc-curdysSo I have been practicing my new comedy set on grief at various open mics, and I have gotten a pretty darn good reception from people that didn’t even know me. You see, I bring my own audience when I do an open mic. It’s less painful that way. One comic, quite handsome I might add, said, “I felt bad for laughing but that was funny!” I thought, “Mission accomplished!”

Some people may wonder how I could find any humor in losing our son. First, Andrew made it easy, second, Martin and I practice what we teach, and we walk our talk. What a concept, huh? Either we believe Andrew is still with us, just in a new way while we are here, and we will be together again when we leave here physically, OR we don’t, which means we wouldn’t be walking our talk.

Now I am applying for a speaking gig at a metaphysical grief conference. They are looking for “out of the box tools” for grief. Who has that? That’s right. This girl does! Laughter is one of my major go to tools for dealing with grief and trauma. Just ask my friend Denise who brought me home the next day after Andrew passed. I apparently had her laughing all the way home as I ranted. Laughter builds a bridge to my son, and staying in grief builds a wall. Seems like a no brainer, because that’s what I want to do. Laugh more, and build a strong bridge to my son.

life-after-lifeWhen I went to the website for the conference, I was shocked to see who had been there the past couple of years. Someone that I have been wantitalking-to-heavenng to meet since I was 16 years old. An author of a book I did my term paper on when I was a junior in high school, Dr Raymond Moody. He wrote the book, “Life After Life.” If I were to be a speaker at a conference he was at, well, O M G! I don’t know what I would do! When I met Medium James Van Praagh I was giddy like a little girl. James’s book, “Talking To Heaven” helped me to know I wasn’t crazy feeling my Uncle around me. James validated so much for me, so I am hoping for another full circle moment like that with Dr Moody. When I lost Andrew, I realized that my entire life was preparing me for it, starting at 16 years old reading his book.

So I would like it if you would support my work as I take this road NOT traveled. If you could post some comments of support on YouTube for my video below, that would be great. I am always looking for feedback or ideas to improve whatever I do, BUT I need support! My full set will be around 30-45 mins, and I tailor it for each event. We premiered it last year on the 8th Annual International It’s All Good Day in Belfast N Ireland. I will be doing it again this year on the 9th Annual IIAGD at the Cosmic Center Of Light in Sarasota Florida… on my own. Martin will still be in Derry, N. Ireland which is our first time apart for our son’s “Angelversary.” But we gotta do what we gotta do, right?

Remember, laughter IS the best medicine, so laugh more!!


Fish Tales



It didn’t take long for the magick to really kick up when Martin got back home from N Ireland. Like he arrived December 2nd and this incident happened the next night. I guess the Elementals were welcoming home one of their own.

Martin and I had doors and windows open, the wind blew the back door semi closed. It’s been raining but that had subsided, so I open the door and walk back in and I hear a splash in my pool like a fish was jumping, like a decent size fish, but the water is still. Martin hears it too. We figure it might have just been water falling into the pool from the screen. But for it to be so loud and there not to be wave? We thought that was odd, even for us.

Soon after we hear it AGAIN! Now it’s really getting our attention because it literally sounds like a mermaid or dolphin splashing in our pool! But again the water is still, absolutely NO movement in the water!

Jack4DolphinsTalkWhile out on the patio, waiting to see if any more is going to happen, Martin returns a call from our friend who works with dolphins. While on the phone we hear it yet again. Martin yells for me and I yell back that I heard it. After the 2nd time it gets Martin attention so he’s looking at the pool, but no ripples of water, no water falling from the screen or anything! AND the splashes were LOUD!! Like a dolphin jumping, or mermaid hitting her tail on the water. The 3rd time we hear it Martin said he saw a fin shadow, but still no movement in the water! Five times we heard splashes in our pool but with NO water movement! BUT Martin did see things happening!

We must have some exciting stuff coming up! Just an average night in the magickal Jordan household!

A song Martin wrote for our friends who work with the dolphins.

Looking forward to hearing what this is all about! Martin wrote pages of messages early this morning from the water spirits that visited last night. Ahhhhh things feeling back to (para) normal again!

Martin’s Note: I believe that this the main message for me was to pay attention to the elementals, the water ones in particular. They are in the physical world in the form of Dolphins. The Dolphins actually have the ability to communicate with us in psychic ways. In this particular case I got a call from my friend that does dolphin research right at the same time. This also let me know that this friend and I have business to get to, we just don’t know what it is yet, and we both have come through our own traumas in this last year and know  we have been saved for a purpose. We just don’t know what that is yet.

It’s All Good!

Suicide And The Other Side: A Vested Interest


So many people have misconceptions about what happens to the person who commits suicide. Many religions teach that these people go straight to hell, umm WRONG! Hard to go to a place that doesn’t exist. Psychic/medium, HayHouse author, and Montel Williams’ fav psychic, Sylvia Brown said that these souls have to come right back to Earth, do not pass go. Ummmm WRONG again! Sorry Sylvia, but you were wrong on that one too.

beckettss-bar-001When Martin and I have done our mediumship events, we have had a good number of suicides come through, which would be hard to do if they were burning in hell. I’m guessing they’d have other things on their mind, you  know, like how to put those damn flames out around them being one. (Seriously! Who believes that nonsense anymore?) It would also be hard to come through if they were back on Earth again. These suicides have come through loud and clear even when they committed suicide the day before.

The reason I am writing this blog is that Martin recently had something very interesting happen with a suicide of a friend  of someone close to us. I mean even interesting for us! This is the first time Martin has had a lot of time to talk to the Spirit who committed suicide. It’s been a year and a half since this person crossed.

leather-vest-001Martin was drawn to the leather vest of this person who passed not knowing who it belonged to. And since the friend who had it, couldn’t sell it, they gave it to Martin, knowing he should have it. Their friend on the other side obviously wanted him to have it. AND surprisingly enough, it looks great on Martin, even though it looked too big for him. It seemed to shrink as they brought it down and he tried it on.

Well, since Martin has had this beautiful leather vest, the person that committed suicide has been a Chatty Cathy to Martin. He has really enjoyed his conversations with her too. Now, they never met while she was here, but that doesn’t matter when you cross. When a Spirit finds someone who can hear them, you become their BFF.

She has validated things we already knew about what it’s like to cross, but she also had info that was uniquely her own experience. For instance she did mention seeing the bridge. I blogged about that years ago when another Spirit, Margaret, who came to Martin to tell him how Andrew helped her crossover. She came to Martin to let him know what amazing work Andrew is doing since he left here, and how much she loves and appreciates him for  all of his help in her crossing the bridge. The full story can be reached by clicking each of the links below.

connies blog

The bridge of transition


The Bridge of Transition Part I
The Bridge of Transition Part II
The Bridge of Transition Part III




connies blogWhat I found  interesting in the recent interactions, “sessions” if you will,  is that Martin is part of her process of moving forward. Part of her learning and growing since she crossed herself over. Martin said it’s like she has a form to fill out that she had a session with him, he is kinda like her therapist. I found that quite interesting. Well, if people here aren’t going to take advantage of Martin’s gifts, at least Spirits are! The pay sucks but the information is amazing!

I am not going into a lot of detail here because Martin has been writing about his sessions with this Spirit that will be going into a book. But I thought I would give the highlights here first because I found it quite interesting.

I also wanted to write this for those that may have had loved ones who committed suicide and believe they might be burning in hell or lost. It has been our experience every single time that they are happy, and are still growing and learning and still loving you!

Yeah, I know that this may sound weird to some, but we don’t question the info Spirit gives us. We are open to the process and however it needs to unfold. That’s what makes us so good at what we do. And that’s why….




Paying It Forward


Recently I got to be part of an unexpected random act of kindness of paying it forward, and at a gas station no less!

It was right before Christmas when I stopped to get gas at a Sunoco. While I was getting ready to pump my gas, a woman with a white pick up truck, in a white t-shirt, khakis to the calf, very short hair,  a buzz cut, a butch looking Rosie O’Donnell if you will, starts walking over to me.

connie-writing-in-wood-600-001Of course when someone does that to me, I automatically go into Fort Lauderdale mode and think they want money or worse. It’s happened before, not in my neighborhood on the west coast of Florida, but when traveling on the east coast of Florida doing our events, people approaching you trying to scam you.

So my guard goes up and I start quickly running through scenarios in my head as to why I wasn’t giving her money or what I was going to do if she got all up in my flava.

But instead of asking me FOR money, she was actually OFFERING me the $3.00 of gas left in her pump. She said she didn’t want to go back inside and get the $3.00 back and I could just take it. I looked at her stunned. I asked if she was sure, and said she was.

7thIIAGDtable2The funny thing is, is that she pulls up to the store to go in to tell the clerk that she was giving me the $3.00 left on her pump. The clerk tells her that her pump was already wiped out and I couldn’t do it. What does this white pick up driving, white t-shirt, khaki wearing, butch looking Rosie O’Donnell woman do then?

She walks over to me and hands me $5.00 and says, “here, use this.” I ask her again if she is sure, and she says, “Yes! Merry Christmas!” I was blown away by her kindness! So I check my gauge and see that my car can take another $3.00 more in gas. I go into the clerk and tell her $3.00 more on my pump and what this kind butch-esk Angel said to me.

I gave the clerk the $5.00 and told her to keep the change, that I was paying it forward the kindness that was paid to me. While the amount may not have been a lot, the energy and kindness of giving me the $5.00 was a worth million bucks in my book. Now I’m not saying a million bucks wouldn’t also be greatly appreciated, but the generosity of a stranger made me feel like a million bucks!

It also reminded me that there is a lot more good in the world than bad and….

It’s All Good!

My Life With A Medium



You wmartin jordan - mediumould think that my husband being a singer/songwriter was enough for me to deal with as far as being a chick magnet, but NOPE! Apparently that wasn’t enough. Lucky me huh? UGH! He is also a medium, an intuitive life coach a hypnotherapist, and not hard on the eyes, so that makes him the tri-fecta, wait, no, or is it the quinfecta of chick magnets? BTW I was shocked that quinfecta didn’t even come up as misspelled, so it’s actually a word! Who knew? Not me.

SO, that makes him the quinfecta of chick magnets, a quintuple threat if you will, when it comes to the ladies, even on the other side! Take that Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp…wait, I went too far with Johnny Depp! Even Martin would agree since Johnny is our ONE. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, when you are married to someone who not only is a singer/songwriter, but also coaches people along their path, connects them with loved ones on the other side, you have a whole other level of “fans” let’s say, to deal with.

connie and martin - crumlin road gaolMartin has been going on ghost hunts in Northern Ireland since we had to be there in 2013 for an unintended, extended length of time. He was researching places for a paranormal tv show he was  apart of. And as most shows go, it went to the wayside, for now. BUT, while on a public ghost hunt we went to in Belfast back then, I chatted with the team about what we do, and they were interested in having Martin join them on a future ghost hunt.

So before we headed back to the States in 2013 Martin went on a “lock down” ghost hunt with Ghost Searchers Ireland (GSI), which means they lock the doors for the night and they can’t get out. But they do have a “safe word.” Those that laugh at that one, busted! Just sayin.

Martin went on a ghost hunt at the Crumlin Road Gaol (Gaelic for jail)  in Belfast, where our brother in law actually did some time as a rioter there in his late teens we recently found out. Who knew this fun loving guy was such a badass! Apparently back in the day during the “troubles” in N Ireland, it was an actual job being a rioter if you were a good Catholic. You actually had shifts to terrorize the British soldiers. Who knew? The pay sucked, but you were there for “the cause.”

CrumlinGaol-02212007-(10)Anyway, while at the gaol Martin picked up on an American spirit Elizabeth, who was a Suffragette. Because Martin picked up on her energy, the GSI team started asking her questions. She actually came through the voice box they were using. So they asked her if she liked him. Her reply? “He’s hot!” Seriously? That was her reply? So an American Suffragette in spirit at the Belfast gaol was hittin my husband? REALLY?  But it doesn’t end there, oh no!

Fast forward to 2015 where I’m visiting Martin after 9 months apart due to cancer treatment he was undergoing in N Ireland. On Andrew’s 8th “Angelversary” aka International It’s All Good Day, we were premiering our GOOD GRIEF! Comediumship Show at Becketts, a restaurant pub in Belfast. We always like to do an event on that day to celebrate our son. I didn’t know Becketts was haunted, but then again, try and find a place  that isn’t haunted in N Ireland.

connie jordan- life with a mediumSo we arrive, see the amazing room we are to perform in, and immediately Martin starts picking up the energy there. He realizes it’s haunted. Like really haunted. But what cinched it for him? When the female spirit there kissed him on the cheek! “Oh no she didn’t!” I hear you say? Oh yes she did! So not only do I have to deal with the stalkers and clingons on this dimension, but now I have to figure out how to kick some spirit ass too? C’mon!

How do I do that? Dust off my spell book? Send out my flying monkeys? Seriously study OBE (out of body experience) and kick their ass on another plane? What? What do I do?

Oy Vey! Not only do I have to deal with the “fans” aka stalkers/clingons on this vibration, but on the other vibrations too? Well, I guess that’s the price I have to pay  being married to the quintuple threat of awesomeness. And I have to say, totally WORTH IT!

It’s All Good!

8th Anniversary Of Our Final Goodbye

When you lose a child, you not only have the day that they passed to get through, you then have the day of their service, or as we called it, the FUNeral service to get through year after year.  And for us, that was our final goodbye to Andrew’s physical presence, the last time I would ever see my beautiful boy physically again this lifetime. Grief, the gift that just keeps on effin giving! Even 8 years later.

EderowenMeI usually have more pictures of every International It’s All Good Day! celebration, but this year I didn’t get any and only have one that our cousin Chrissy took with someone else’s phone that wanted a picture. WTH is the matter with me? How did I not get more pictures? Maybe because we were premièring our GOOD GRIEF! comediumship show so my focus was else where I guess. And the premier of our new comediumship show went great! It was a small audience, just perfect for Martin to get his medumship groove back after a year, and for me to premier my GOOD GRIEF! comedy part of the show. Let’s face it, a comedy show about your son passing from leukemia is a scary thing to put out there! But Andrew made me write it back in 2013 when we were here in N Ireland during Martin’s recovery from major surgery.  I have been feeling the nudge, push, shove….ok, inspiration Andrew is reminding me again, to finally put it out there. So far it has gone over well. Everyone can relate to grief on some level and if we can find humor in losing a child, then it gives others permission to find humor in their grief as well. After all, laughter is the highest vibration.


Connie writing on the fence

Martin and I decided that we were going to do a ceremony on the 8th anniversary of Andrew’s FUNeral service. Since we are staying at Andrew’s all time favorite place in Ireland, his Uncle Liam’s in Ederowen Derry N Ireland, this seemed like the perfect place for it. After all, this was also where Martin and I began our relationship again back in 1988, and where Martin sang to me for the first time, and he sang “My Sweet Lady” by John Denver. Plus it’s where Andrew would stay when we would come to Derry with  him, hence this being his all time favorite place in N Ireland.

While we have been staying here, a young man from the neighborhood came to the door one day looking for money from Liam for the work he does for Liam. I realized he was around Andrew’s age and might know him, and lo and behold he did! He shared a few funny stories about Andrew, which made my day!


The triple spiral plaque that we got from our friend Jim and Grainne’s Celtic Cart Stall in Derry, N. Ireland

For the ceremony we bought a slate plaque with Martin’s favorite Celtic spiral symbol on it at a local metaphysical vendor in Derry, who are now our friends. We wanted to put the plaque where we had buried some of Andrew’s ashes back in 2007 when we had a memorial here for him. The lavender bush that was planted in honor of him over his ashes has since died from one the winter’s snow. I’m guessing the brutal winter of 2009. We placed the plaque in the ground and I wrote on the fence like a wee head stone, while we played one of Muck’s favorite CDs, “Fairy Of The Woods” by Gary Stadler. I would wake up in the morning hearing this CD playing while Andrew did his school work when he was 9yo. It always reminds me of him and the Fall, which is when I would usually hear it.

Below are the pictures of Martin and I placing the slate plaque where his ashes were buried at Ederowen. But Andrew wasn’t done with us yet! Oh no! He had more signs to give us. OK we asked, OK more like demanded him to, but he delivered!


The writing I did on the fence of Muck’s birth and passing

I was sitting in the Richmond Center in Derry today waiting on Martin getting ink for his printer when my mind drifts to my Muck, and our last good bye to him, and how much I miss him. Wishing I could just hug him again. I gaze over at a shoppe window where I see a big golden £22 sign. I see 22’s all of the time, so that wasn’t too heart hitting for me. But then a teenage boy “happens” to walk by me and he has a hoodie on with 1991 across the front. That hits me! The year Andrew was born.

It is amazing to me how we just never know how we can effect people unknowingly. Like the young man who walked by me with 1991 on his hoodie. He was totally unaware that he was used to give me a sign by my son that moved me to tears. It’s very cool how that works. We truly never know how we can make someone’s day without knowing it.

I then say to Andrew as I’m sitting in the mall fighting back some tears because I can feel his energy surrounding me, “So, I’m guessing you are gonna follow that one up with a song, right?” I listen to the mall music, but no cigar…so I thought.

BuskerChrisWe all walk down to get a taxi and a busker is there. For those not in the know, a busker is a street musician. I see Martin looking at me with that look of “do you hear that?” So I pay attention and I realize that Andrew DID indeed follow up with a song! The busker was singing one of Andrew’s all time fav John Denver songs, “Annie’s Song.” That certainly got my attention! You don’t just hear that song  very often. And the busker was a good singer too!

Well, I just had to go over and tell the busker how much that meant to me and why and how our son used him to give us a sign. Come to find out, he too, like the metaphysical vendors, are “fellow chuckas” and we made another new friend! AND yes, I left some money in his guitar case.

So, Andrew made what would normally be a really tough day, a beautiful one where we felt his energy and love, reminding us that “Only Love Is Real!”


After the GOOD GRIEF! Comediumship Show

After the GOOD GRIEF! Comediumship Show




Martin and Connie Jordan

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“Just had a great reading with Connie and Martin Jordan. I highly recommend their readings. Gets right to the clarity. No BS!” ~Joanie~

“Had a ‘fantastic reading’ last nite from Martin Jordan. Got so much validation & he was ‘incrediably accurate’. Feel so blessed so many loved ones came through for me & got confirmation on my life path from spirit guides & angelic messages. I highly recommend this guy. He has a ‘amazing gift’.”  ~Saz Don~

“I went to see a medium called Martin this evening. When I got home tonight this memory that my sister sent me one year ago today was on my fb page. She passed away three weeks after she sent me this. The medium told some wonderful things about her tonight and I truly believe every single one of them. She is always with me and I love her with all my heart. To me, if proof were needed, this is it xxxxxx” ~Aileen W~

It’s All Good!


My Sweet Lady (PrettyMama)


It was a few days after Andrew’s birthday in May when I had been wondering what direction I should put my energy and goals. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever work with Andrew/PureHeart and Martin again. I mean we haven’t done an event since October 2014.

Martin is going to be gone until at least October of this year, possibly longer with his cancer treatment in N Ireland. As time goes on, this bigger picture I thought I was seeing after Andrew left keeps getting smaller and smaller with every Muggle job I have to take to just get by, which getting by isn’t really happening either. I feel like I am on a sinking ship and only have a teaspoon to bail out the water. WTF? Seriously! Who the hell was I in a past life!?

24bdayjustMeandMuckHmmm just as I was typing this, Coldplay’s song Viva La Vida came on the T.V. which reminds of Andrew because he always talked about ruling the world. As I was thinking that I hear in my head, “We’re gonna rule the world Mommy!” Ok Muck, (our nickname for Andrew) any day would be good now. I’m ready to rule!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on the bigger picture when cancer is constantly in your face, or in Martin’s case, his neck. I nearly lost my daughter in December 2006 to a cancer scare, actually lost my son in 2007 to leukemia, and now wonder if I will lose my husband in 2015. “Is this really the way this story ends?” I wondered as I go into Walgreens to pick up a few things. This is NOT what I pictured my life would be like when I was 13yo and KNEW that Martin and I were suppose to be together.

Andrew must have been listening to me because as I go into the store, “My Sweet Lady” by John Denver comes on! That’s the first song Martin ever sang to me in 1988 when I first went to N Ireland to see Martin after 12 years of being apart, which is why Andrew learned to play it. Martin sang it to me right before I was going back to the States and we didn’t know when we were going to see each other again.

My Muck playing My Sweet Lady and Black Bird after a 4 1/2 day forced coma, not even a week after his leuekmia diagnosis and still hooked up to dialysis and a bunch of other machines. Thank you Elatia for capturing this tender moment!

The tears start to well up as I listen to it. Once again, I’m glad I had my sunglasses on while in a store. It’s funny how Andrew can make some verses louder than others for me. The verse Andrew made louder for me, to accentuate the message he wanted me to hear was, “I swear to you our time together has just begun.”

This song has so much more meaning to me now than it ever did in 1988 when Martin first sang it to me. Now this song is from my husband AND my son. The words are so much more poignant on so many levels. It is like Andrew and Martin are both singing this song to me now. It was exactly the message I needed to hear! That our time together was not over, but in fact was just beginning…again.

24bdayTheManHimselfWhen Martin and I dance to this song at our wedding vow renewal on October 3rd, Martin’s 55th birthday, when I go over to N Ireland to see him after nearly 10 months apart, I KNOW Andrew, like in the PICU the night he passed, will be holding us both in his arms, dancing with us.

The night Andrew passed, he told Martin to play a song on his phone because he wanted to see Martin and I dance.  So we danced to the song of Andrew’s choice. And while I saw my son’s body on the hospital bed, I knew he was standing right there with his arms around us while we danced, I could feel him. Go ahead, wipe the tears! I am! I was listening to “My Sweet Lady” again as I was typing this, so you know I had tears flowing yet again as I let the words really wash over me. I could feel my son speaking to me through this song.

Well, Andrew likes to follow up a heart and tear filled moment with laughter. We taught him well. AND because I am such a demanding bitch, I asked for another sign that the song was from him to prove it wasn’t a coincidence. As usual Andrew delivered. The very next song playig at Walgreens was Billy Joel’s, “She’s Always A Woman To Me,” which Martin wrote a parody to, for my comedy show. He called it, “She’s Always A Diva To Me.” So I am walking through Walgreens wiping my tears and laughing.

And now that I am getting back to my comedy by recently doing an open mic to get my stage legs back, I guess he was letting me know the comedy would be coming back into my life at some point. I had put my comedy on the back burner for a number of years because it seemed we needed to go another direction.

The GOOD GRIEF! comedy show Andrew made me write back in 2013, about the journey of losing him, is making it’s début on his 8th “Angelversary,” the 8th Annual International It’s All Good Day! in Belfast N Ireland. Apparently nothing is off limits for my son at what we can laugh at.

So if you know anyone in the area who would like to help us promote it, let us know!

And in true Andrew fashion, he let’s me know…