Dream A Healing Dream With Me Part II

ShareI have shared emails I have gotten over the years from people who have had amazing, healing experiences with Andrew since he left. These emails from people lift my spirits so much, and help me stay focused on the bigger picture, and not just on my tremendous loss. Even though I know there is so much more beyond here, and Andrew is a huge part of lives still, not having him physically here is still hard. I miss that beautiful physical presence of his! His voice, his hugs, his kisses, seeing him in his room twirling his hair into a … Continue reading

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing PrettyMama

ShareAs I have mentioned on more than on occasion, Andrew loves to send me messages through songs, A LOT! It’s one of his fav ways to talk to me. Well that, and through number sequences. Sometimes I’ll hear him directly, and other times he chooses to make me pay more attention, and music and numbers is his “medium” (hahaha get it? ;-)) of choice. What’s great about his methods is that in the end, after all is “said” and done, I feel like we have had a whole conversation. And what do I always say about that? That’s right! “It … Continue reading

Dancing In The Moon Light…AGAIN!

ShareThese past 6 1/2 years I have talked about having experiences with Andrew where it felt like the old days, just in the new way. Today was no different. Martin and I were busy with making sure things were in order for our upcoming events next month in Ft Lauderdale and Miami, as well as doing a 20 min reading together from our special in Dec, that lasted almost 2 hours. It was a great phone call with someone we really related to on so many levels. It was her friend, who lost a son, that bought her the 20 … Continue reading

Rebel WITH A Cause!

ShareWhen you allow the critics, the naysayers, the haters (ie assholes) to get to you, you hand them your power on a silver platter! *WARNING!* Joisey Gurl Lesson here. I am definitely tappin into my Joisey Gurl side on this one. NOT for the faint at heart! I learned that lesson at a young age when I carried anger, resentment & self loathing because of the emotional, sexual, & physical abuse dealt to me by my step father from 9yo on. When you have a parent figure that beats you down, puts you down & is molesting you, your self … Continue reading

Avatar, My Airbender

ShareMartin and I were out today and stopped off for something to eat. While enjoying our lunch I happen to notice someone walk by that caught my eye. It was someone I haven’t seen in maybe 5 years. Someone we met in our store back in 2003 that became a regular fixture in our store. I was so surprised to see him, his name is Nick. Our store really opened his intuitive gifts and he went from Comcast to channeling and being a massage therapist. Coming into our store and meeting us changed his life and it was good to … Continue reading

Dancing In The Moon Light

ShareMartin took a notion yesterday, while Kaliana was here, and put batteries in the singing crescent moon we have in Andrew’s bathroom. It’s been up there for years, when I think about it, it’s been about 10-12 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Honestly I have to reference Andrew’s passing to get a timeline for things because time really has no meaning to me anymore. I really thought that singing moon had been up there for like 5 years or so, but Andrew has been “gone” for over 6 years and he was a little guy when I … Continue reading

Marts! I AM Your Teacher!

ShareMartin and I have been doing a lot of readings with Andrew lately. Martin brought up running a reading special for the holidays back in December. Well, we got real busy, real fast! A lot of the readings were with grieving moms. It was an honor and privilege to meet these kids and give their messages to their moms. All these kids have been so funny, so happy. I asked Martin, in my best De Niro voice “So what’s the deal? When these kids cross over, they become funny… like a clown?” Martin said, “Yes, Ghostie the Clown,” which then … Continue reading


ShareIt’s funny that when Andrew was here, he was trying to levitate at a very young age and knew he could move things with his mind. But then get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. He told me when he was around 9yo that he knew he could levitate, but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t here. Not to discourage him, I explained that this plane is denser and it’s harder to do, but it wasn’t impossible. That is when he found his love of Monks, because he read somewhere that they had mastered levitation, and that fascinated him. He wanted … Continue reading

Tis The Season

ShareThanksgiving Eve has been the tradition of when we put up our Christmas tree. We’ve done it since Andrew was a little boy and when he got old enough he took over the tradition himself making it even more of a tradition/procedure. I have written before about how Andrew loves his procedures. On Thanksgiving Eve he would put on some Enya or Gary Stadler’s “Fairy of The Woods” music as he would put up the tree and the lights on it. He had a very concise way he liked to do it and didn’t even let Martin help him! He … Continue reading

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

ShareKaliana was over today and ran her Daba ragged while I worked. Martin said she was in every room of the house today. Something very interesting happened in the back room that use to be Elatia’s and is now Kaliana’s/Maymee’s room/gym. Martin was working with Kaliana on making an energy ball. She enjoyed that, but it was what happened after that, that was very interesting. Martin aka Daba was back in Kali’s room with her when he asks her, “who’s that?” pointing to Andrew’s poster. She’s replies, “Andrew… MUCK!” She’s sitting there playing with her dolls when she holds her … Continue reading