Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing PrettyMama

As I have mentioned on more than on occasion, Andrew loves to send me messages through songs, A LOT! It’s one of his fav ways to talk to me. Well that, and through number sequences. Sometimes I’ll hear him directly, and other times he chooses to make me pay more attention, and music and numbers is his “medium” (hahaha get it? ;-)) of choice. What’s great about his methods is that in the end, after all is “said” and done, I feel like we have had a whole conversation. And what do I always say about that? That’s right! “It feels like the old days just in the new way!”

Tonight at work he gave me a message through a song, I guess one of the perks of having a son on the other side, everyday is take your son to work day. Now it wasn’t a song that meant anything to me mind you, just a song that was on the radio in the kitchen. I guess the manager on duty, that shall remain nameless, had the moldy oldies station on, not my fav in the least, even though the music is from my childhood. And unfortunately after I mention the song I will date myself.

I really wasn’t paying attention to the music since it wasn’t my cup of tea, but as I was leaving the dry storage area, for whatever reason, *wink wink* I heard the last verse of words to a song I had no interest in listening to. The words I heard out of the blue were, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing Pretty Mama!” Well that stopped me in my tracks to say the least!

Over the weekend some things have come up that I have to deal with, where I was beginning to feel overwhelmed again. I have been wondering how the hell I am going to accomplish them and feeling a bit defeated yet again. So you know I took it to my High Counsel, Avatar Boy, and asking him yet again, WTF dude? A little help here, huh? What’s the point of having an Avatar son on the other side if I don’t get any perks? What’s all this grief crap been about then? I want answers dammit! I go into scorned, red headed Wise One, Mama Gene mode real quick when I feel overwhelmed and helpless. And that ain’t a pretty mode for me to be in at all!

When I heard those words over the speakers in dry storage, it brought a smile to my face, and I could feel my son’s energy surrounding me in a hug and letting me know, “I got this my PrettyMama! I got this!” I got the feeling that I really don’t have to worry ’bout a thing. That my Avatar son has indeed got this, and it will all be fine…if I stay out of the way with my worry and overwhelm. It’s like he doesn’t know me at all! But apparently that is my lesson I keep having to overcome. *sigh* Why can’t I get this lesson already dammit!?

While I have heard of the song, I was not familiar with who sang it or what it was called, it’s been decades since I’ve heard it. When I got home, Martin looked it up and found it for me. While I can’t find the version I heard on the radio, I did find the lyrics and of course they were profound to me. And here is the verse that struck me, the verse Andrew wanted me to hear:

“Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, pretty mama
Cause I’ll be standing in the wings
When you check it out.
Don’t worry ’bout a thing.”

How cool is my son?! A. VERY!

I only heard the line, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing PrettyMama.” Here is the full lyrics to the song, and while Andrew used the last verse to get my attention, it was the words to the whole song he wanted me to hear, he wanted me to feel, he wanted me to know, and I do, well for the moment anyway. Baby steps, at least it’s a start. :-)

“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”

“Everybody’s got a thing
But some don’t know how to handle it
Always reachin’ out in vain
Accepting the things not worth having but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out

They say your style of life’s a drag
And that you must go other places
But just don’t you feel too bad
When you get fooled by smiling faces but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out…Yeah
When you get it off…your trip
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing…Yeah
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing…Yeah

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out…
When you get it off…your trip

Everybody needs a change
A chance to check out the new
But you’re the only one to see
The changes you take yourself through

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, pretty mama
Cause I’ll be standing in the wings
When you check it out

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”

He’s a good son always watching after his PrettyMama, even when I am unaware of it. It’s just another opportunity for me to trust, surrender, and know that all is in Divine Order whether I see it or not. Maybe if I finally get that damn lesson the overwhelm will stop! Oh dare to dream! Regardless, I am glad to know that my Muck, my son, my teacher, my hero, my PureHeart, is always there to remind me, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing PrettyMama!”

It’s All Good!

Dancing In The Moon Light…AGAIN!

These past 6 1/2 years I have talked about having experiences with Andrew where it felt like the old days, just in the new way. Today was no different. Martin and I were busy with making sure things were in order for our upcoming events next month in Ft Lauderdale and Miami, as well as doing a 20 min reading together from our special in Dec, that lasted almost 2 hours. It was a great phone call with someone we really related to on so many levels. It was her friend, who lost a son, that bought her the 20 min reading back in Dec. When I get to do readings like that with Martin and Andrew, it just makes my day! It is so much fun and enlightening to play with Spirit, and they love it too!

Anyway, after that we decided to go out and eat before I had to go to work, and see one of our fav servers at Denny’s. Yes, I know, you don’t go to Denny’s you end up at Denny’s, but they have a great new menu and we love our server Denise. Not to mention we get a lot of attention there and feel like rock stars. Hey! Don’t be judging! We take it where we can! One of their guests, as they were leaving, said we looked like celebrities! Ya gotta start somewhere. And if it’s Denny’s, then so be it!

As we are looking at the menu, Martin and I at the same time hear a familiar song and we start to laugh. Martin said that right before it started  he hears Andrew say, “Listen up Daddy!” What was the song? You probably guessed it if you have read the previous blog post about, “Dancing In The Moonlight.”

We are hearing that song more now, which is so odd, it’s not a song you hear regularly while out. Hearing it today I could feel Andrew’s energy surrounding us in that familiar way, and it really felt like the 3 of us were out having lunch together in the old way, just in the new way. Notice I didn’t say that it felt like we were out to lunch? Oh yes, I choose my words wisely when talking about the woo woo stuff. ;-)

I went to work feeling great because I spent the day with  2 of my favoritest (yes I know it’s not a word) men in the world, my husband and son.There truly are no words to describe what it feels like being with a loved one who has crossed. It opens your mind and heart beyond what you can imagine! NOTHING, not even so called “death” can break the bonds of love, and that theory has definitely been tested with us! You just have to be open to experience it.

It’s also very interesting that Kaliana has brought up the singing moon in Andrew’s bathroom lately too. Not really sure if it means anything, or if Andrew is just being playful with us like he would do when he was here, the whole random thing he would do. Alls I know is that I LOVE it and it feels like the old days, just in the new way, and that does this PrettyMama’s heart good!

Annnd I’m thinkin that maybe I just may need to do some dancin in the moonlight again!

No matter what…



Side note, when I was checking out videos of this song to post here, Martin was thinking, “OMG! There it is again!” He thought he was hearing it in his head. Messing with a medium is fun!!

Rebel WITH A Cause!

When you allow the critics, the naysayers, the haters (ie assholes) to get to you, you hand them your power on a silver platter!

*WARNING!* Joisey Gurl Lesson here. I am definitely tappin into my Joisey Gurl side on this one. NOT for the faint at heart!

I learned that lesson at a young age when I carried anger, resentment & self loathing because of the emotional, sexual, & physical abuse dealt to me by my step father from 9yo on. When you have a parent figure that beats you down, puts you down & is molesting you, your self esteem takes a HUGE hit to say the least, especially when you also get bullied at school too! Let’s just say I wasn’t rockin the frizzy hair, broken out face, & stop sign wire glasses as much as I would’ve liked. Seriously! How did I not do drugs then?? How am I not doing drugs now??!

When I realized by carrying those feelings of anger, resentment & self loathing, I was still giving my step father power over me. And that is when I said, “FUCK THAT SHIT!” “You stole my childhood! I won’t ALLOW you to steal my power or the rest of my life anymore!” And I became a rebel with a cause, and that cause was ME!

I DECIDED then that the only opinion that truly mattered about myself was mine! That if I liked myself, that is all that matters. Does it mean that when you have a hater it doesn’t sting? Especially if it’s in your own family?  No! But it doesn’t mean I hand them over my power either. I remember my younger self & say, “FUCK THEM!” There’s ALWAYS going to be haters no matter how magnificent you are. AND it says more about THEM and not you!

I didn’t even march to the beat of a different drum in school, I marched to the beat of MY OWN drum! Even when it wasn’t popular to do so. And middle school and high school are  tough places to do that lemme tell ya. I want to thank a few high school friends who reminded me of that when we reconnected on FB. I thought I was invisible except when I was getting picked on, and now I found out I was actually inspiring people with my out of the box approach to life, the beat of my own drum.

At 11yo I made a conscious CHOICE, a promise to myself if you will. I knew I had no choice at 11yo other than to figure out how to deal with the shit that was coming my way and not lose my mind or self, from my mother’s bad choices in men, and well, bad choices all the way around.

So I promised myself then, that as an adult I would NEVER ALLOW anyone to take my choices OR my power away again, because as an adult I would ALWAYS have choices that I didn’t have as a kid, and NO ONE could take them away from me ever again! I won’t ALLOW it! And I held strong to my 11yo promise to myself to this day. Man! My 11yo self just knew shit!

I won’t even hand my power over to the grief of losing my beautiful son or the grief others have tried to dump on me. Again, it’s a choice because grief is CONSTANTLY nipping at my heels & even my throat! Make no mistake, it’s a hard choice to make not to succumb to the grief, but I will NOT hand my power over on a silver platter to grief either! I will make grief my bitch first!

So remember kiddies, when you ALLOW the critics, the naysayers and the haters (ie assholes) even if it’s family, to get to you, bother you, bring you down, you are handing them YOUR power on a silver platter. Don’t hand them your power on a silver platter! (I keep hearing that Direct tv guy’s voice! lol)

This has been your Joisey Gurl lesson for today. Now get out there and kick some hater ass by taking your power back!

Avatar, My Airbender

Martin and I were out today and stopped off for something to eat. While enjoying our lunch I happen to notice someone walk by that caught my eye. It was someone I haven’t seen in maybe 5 years. Someone we met in our store back in 2003 that became a regular fixture in our store. I was so surprised to see him, his name is Nick. Our store really opened his intuitive gifts and he went from Comcast to channeling and being a massage therapist. Coming into our store and meeting us changed his life and it was good to see that he is still on his spiritual path.

Anyway, we had a great conversation with him catching up. He is still very much into his intuitive gifts and has continued to work on them. We told him that we are pulling together a program for parents of intuitive children, which he thought was a much needed service.

We talked about how enlightened these kids are now a days and that the public school system and the food are not serving them in the least. He also knows how these kids now have a higher vibration than what we had at their age and they will not take the nonsense they are being fed, on all levels. They are here to shift the consciousness of the planet and it is our job to support them.

I talked to him about Andrew knowing he was an Avatar while he was here. How he told me he was one while in the PICU in the beginning of our leukemia journey. I went on to tell Nick about the night Andrew told me this information and how 4 Avatars appeared on the tv screen that had the cosmos on it. Andrew went on to describe each Avatar and the messages they were giving him.

Nick brought up the interesting point that perhaps they were part of his “crew” that were there to take Andrew at the appropriate time. If Martin and I had not stepped up to the plate, then they would have taken Andrew the first week like the doctors thought he would go. The doctors thought Andrew wouldn’t make it to the 2nd floor, the oncology floor, but we showed them who they were dealing with.

I never thought about who they might have been, or why they were showing themselves to Andrew that night, I was still trying to wrap my head around what just happened to my son and our lives. But I guess since Andrew is an Avatar, they must’ve been his posse, his counsel of Avatars. That is some really powerful information! It may seem like common sense conclusion, but we are still taking in everything that has happened to us these past 6 years and trying to make sense of it all, so the penny hasn’t dropped on everything yet. I know I was blown away by the information these Avatars were giving Andrew, but also knew I wouldn’t remember it. Well consciously anyway, but on a cellular level I knew I would. It was an amazing night, even through all the trauma, and after talking to Nick today, it seems even more profound.

This has been one helluva interesting journey with that son of mine that continues to unfold. More pieces of the puzzle keep coming together. I look forward to more of it unfolding because I know we have yet to begin scratching the surface of this intense and powerful journey that we are on with our Avatar, our son, our PureHeart.


Dancing In The Moon Light

Martin took a notion yesterday, while Kaliana was here, and put batteries in the singing crescent moon we have in Andrew’s bathroom. It’s been up there for years, when I think about it, it’s been about 10-12 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Honestly I have to reference Andrew’s passing to get a timeline for things because time really has no meaning to me anymore. I really thought that singing moon had been up there for like 5 years or so, but Andrew has been “gone” for over 6 years and he was a little guy when I got it. His passing date helps me to keep track of the time that has passed. Things have become BD, ie Before Diagnosis, and AD, After Diagnosis.

Andrew used to hit that damn singing moon every time he went into or by his bathroom. He looked for any excuse to go near his bathroom, so I’d hear “Dancing In The Moon Light” A LOT when we first got it. What was I thinking buying a singing moon with a young boy in the house!? LOL I miss those days!

A little while after Andrew passed, Martin and I were sitting in the living room when we heard it go off on it’s own out of the blue. I believe I blogged about it then. I believe it only went off that one time and we knew who the culprit was, a son helping his grieving parents get through. We haven’t messed with that moon in years, until yesterday when Martin put in batteries from the Dollar Tree. Hmmm I wonder who inspired him to do that one!

Let’s just say that Kalitana,(what she calls herself now) was less than amused by the singing crescent moon. To say she was totally creeped out by it is an understatement. BUT it would appear that Andrew is loving it as much as he use to!

It was going off by itself, it would go off when we turned off the bathroom light. Elatia would hit the button and it wouldn’t sing, but walk out of the bathroom it would go off! Martin showed me how every time he turned off the light it’d go off. It’s battery operated, so the switch has nothing to do with it. Later that day I went into the bathroom and hit the button and it did nothing, but that night when I went in to brush my teeth, it started singing! If you could call it that, remember, it has Dollar Tree batteries in it, so it sounded more possessed than a cheery moon singing. Then it just started making a high pitch noise after that! It was so effin odd!

I asked Martin if Andrew was taking responsibility for all of this and he informs me, “YES!” I asked him why? He replies as I hear the answer myself, “Because he/I can!”

So now we have the Thomas The Tank Engine that likes to go off on it’s own, as well as the crescent moon. Kaliana had the Thomas the Tank Engine last week that she could get to make noise, but when I tried it, NADA! NOTHING! ZIPPO! Not a peep or a chugga chugga out of it! I think Andrew likes to watch me trying to figure this out to make sure it is a paranormal event. Just your average day at the magickal Jordan household! =D


Foot note, I just went into the bathroom to wash my face & use a derma wand on my face (to keep my youthful glow) & it started AGAIN! Nothing all day today, but a Chatty Kathy now. Because they are cheap batteries in it, it doesn’t finish the song and the mouth was open…for a few mins then it closed itself. I pushed the button earlier today, NOTHING again! Pushed it when it stopped just now, NOTHING! I turn off the light and it starts singing AGAIN!  But when I went back in, it didn’t do it! That moon AND my son taunt me! lol104_3143

Marts! I AM Your Teacher!

Martin and I have been doing a lot of readings with Andrew lately. Martin brought up running a reading special for the holidays back in December. Well, we got real busy, real fast! A lot of the readings were with grieving moms. It was an honor and privilege to meet these kids and give their messages to their moms.

All these kids have been so funny, so happy. I asked Martin, in my best De Niro voice “So what’s the deal? When these kids cross over, they become funny… like a clown?” Martin said, “Yes, Ghostie the Clown,” which then lead to corny Casper jokes.

Anyway, on a recent call with a grieving mom who lost a teenage son, some fun ensued yet again. Andrew tends to instigate the hilarity with these boys because he knows Martin will love it. These kids really are funny and fun to deal with, they lift our spirits.

On these readings I ask the parent if it is a daughter or son they want to connect with, because there is always a gaggle of Spirits talking to Martin, and we only have 20 mins. If Martin knows the sex of the child, he can sort through who’s who quicker.

This grieving mom’s Dad came through first, then her son. Martin had 3 that came forward. Andrew was there helping out, organizing like he use to do here, bringing forward who needed to come through and holding back the rest. His touch of OCD comes in handy even on the other side! lol

Martin asked him how many Spirits were there. Andrew said, “Three.” Martin said, “I know that! But there’s more there, how many?” Andrew replies, “Just worry about the 3 you have there Daddy!” Basically telling Martin to mind his own business, it’s a 20 min reading so quit dickin around! LOL Andrew knows that Martin loves the banter between them, even on readings.

Martin being insistent, like a toddler, (Andrew just gave me that adjective lol) wanted to know how many Spirits were there in total. While still on the reading, Andrew made Martin go around with him as they counted the Spirits together. They get done counting them, and there was 25 Spirits in all. Andrew’s back was to Martin when Martin asked him, “Why did you make me go around with you? Why not just tell me the damn number?” Andrew turned around and pointed to his t-shirt that he was now wearing, and not the robe that he was just wearing. His t-shirt said, with a hand on it with the index finger pointing out like an Uncle Sam poster at Martin, but with the  energy of Darth Vader, “I AM Your Teacher!” Booya! SCHOOLED once again by the boy! LOL Did Andrew just do a spiritual B.I.S.S on Martin? I believe he did!

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t start breathing like Darth Vader for dramatic geek effect. But then again, we were on a reading. If it had of just been the 2 of them, Andrew would have pulled out all the effects and props. Martin said Andrew is a prop guy. But we were on a reading and Martin needed to focus. Andrew was reminding Martin that he is always in training, AND it’s just so much damn fun playing with Marts like that!

Martin said Andrew was wearing his “go to” robe that he usually sees him in. It’s the dark green velvet robe he got when he crossed. Andrew was wearing that even when his back was to Martin, but when he turned around to answer Martin, it was the t-shirt. Martin said he didn’t even see it change, it just was. Again, Andrew was just showing off what he can do now with the speed of thought. =D

I love our parent/son, Avatar/student times, especially when we get to work together like this. I know the work we do with Andrew/PureHeart is so powerful and makes a difference in peoples’ lives. It just reminds us that there truly is no separation. We just have to be willing to up our game AND remember….



It’s funny that when Andrew was here, he was trying to levitate at a very young age and knew he could move things with his mind. But then get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. He told me when he was around 9yo that he knew he could levitate, but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t here. Not to discourage him, I explained that this plane is denser and it’s harder to do, but it wasn’t impossible. That is when he found his love of Monks, because he read somewhere that they had mastered levitation, and that fascinated him. He wanted some of that!

So of course him being on the other side now, he has shown us how he can move things at the speed of thought right in front of Martin’s eyes. He did it with a crystal sphere. He moved his dragon from the back of his dresser behind his meditation chair to ON his chair, his first Christmas not physically here. He recently  had Martin’s glasses fly off the table that I recently wrote about. He has shown us what he can do with electricity, especially when he first left. While he loved it here, he was diggin all the things he knew he could now on the other side without the constraints of his body.

So I recently found out his latest escapade. And it’s a pretty darn big one AND it wasn’t even with us! I’m going to have to have a little chat with him about that. Ok, just did, that speed of thought thing. He told me he likes spreading the wealth. Well Prettymama wants some more of that wealth! His latest escapade was with someone who never met him while he was here, and only recently met him this year while reading my book. She has been working on her mediumship skills and decided to ask for Andrew’s help. She met him first in a dream, which had a profound effect on her. Then it got real serious a few months later.

A few months ago she asked Andrew to come to her as she laid in bed ready to go to sleep. That’s when the magick happened. Andrew literally opened her window and walked through it! She was astounded! So much so she didn’t remember anything else other than he did talk to her but doesn’t remember what he said. I think if he showed up for me like that I wouldn’t remember WTH he said either!

It made me wonder why he would literally open the window when he could go through it, which he thought was so cool while he was here and wanted to be able to do that, or why didn’t he just appear to her. But walking through walls or windows is passe now I guess, like so this past life time. LOL

Again, I got the same answer from him like I did when I asked him about the glasses he pushed off the table. He told me he was going old skool because opening a window was more impressive without the physical body. Made complete sense to me I thought. This is what makes sense in my life now. My son physically opening a window without physically being here and appearing to someone neither of us have met here. LOL  And I thought my life was weird before Andrew left! He has brought it to a whole other level of weird that I didn’t even know existed! BUT!!!!!….

It’s All Good!!

Tis The Season

Thanksgiving Eve has been the tradition of when we put up our Christmas tree. We’ve done it since Andrew was a little boy and when he got old enough he took over the tradition himself making it even more of a tradition/procedure. I have written before about how Andrew loves his procedures.

On Thanksgiving Eve he would put on some Enya or Gary Stadler’s “Fairy of The Woods” music as he would put up the tree and the lights on it. He had a very concise way he liked to do it and didn’t even let Martin help him! He had his procedure and didn’t like anyone messing with it, not even his Dad. On Thanksgiving Day Andrew would then help me decorate the tree in between getting the food prepared and cooked.

I loved our procedure, our tradition to officially kick off the holiday season. I miss Andrew being here physically for it. He loved the holidays and always had that childlike excitement about it, even at 15yo, even at 16yo dealing with leukemia. We were making plans for how we were going to try and keep our tradition even while in the hospital. We would have been in isolation in the transplant ward and we were all looking forward to it, a room all to ourselves to decorate however we wanted. We weren’t going to let a little thing like leukemia stop us from our holiday procedure!

I have continued our tradition of Thanksgiving Eve as best I could since Andrew left. Including the first one that he wasn’t here for, only a month after he left. Even last year when we had to do a Fakesgiving since we were going to be in the UK touring for Thanksgiving, we put up the tree on Fakesgiving Eve, but never got a chance to decorate it.

This year I was unable to put up the tree on Thanksgiving Eve because we couldn’t find the freakin tree stand and pole! But that is another story for another blog post. Let’s just say, the Fae were at play!

Anyway, Martin and I FINALLY put the tree up together on Dec 2nd, while trying to listen to Andrew’s fav holiday music, Enya & Fairy of The Woods on Pandora, but that too is another story for another blog post, the same aforementioned post I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Again, the Fae were at play.

Now, as Martin was putting the lights on the tree, he and Andrew get into a “discussion” I will call it. Andrew was telling Martin he was putting the lights on wrong. As you can see why “discussion” has quotations. (“moon flowers” That’s for you Chrissy Mac)

Andrew told Martin that he needed to reverse how he had put the strand of lights on the tree. Martin questioned him as to why, what difference did it make? So Andrew proceeds to tell him because that’s where the plug was, it didn’t have lights close to the plug & needed to be on the bottom close to the wall. So Martin had to redo the lights because why? The boy was right!

As Martin continues to put the strands of lights on the tree, he feels like some of the branches were pushing back here and there. That’s when he realized it was Andrew guiding him on where the lights should go. Martin was telling me all of this as it was happening. I was sitting in the chair LMAO at my 2 boys putting the lights on the tree. Andrew is still making sure things are done HIS way, you know, the right way! It was fun and felt normal, like I say, it was like the old days, just in the new way, and I’ll take that any day over the alternative.

As usual, our boy was reminding us that through the holidays and always he’s still with us, loving us, hugging us, still part of the family participating, like he would let the lack of a physically body stop him, he just told me, and  …



The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Kaliana was over today and ran her Daba ragged while I worked. Martin said she was in every room of the house today. Something very interesting happened in the back room that use to be Elatia’s and is now Kaliana’s/Maymee’s room/gym.

Martin was working with Kaliana on making an energy ball. She enjoyed that, but it was what happened after that, that was very interesting.

Martin aka Daba was back in Kali’s room with her when he asks her, “who’s that?” pointing to Andrew’s poster. She’s replies, “Andrew… MUCK!” She’s sitting there playing with her dolls when she holds her hand up towards a corner of the room and says, “I’ll help!” Martin said Kaliana’s eyes were a bit glazed over and she was very focused.

Martin was thrown aback by that so he asks Andrew what they were doing together, Martin hears nothing. He asks again and Andrew informs him to, “mind your business Daddy!” Martin said he was kicking his foot around the room figuring he’d eventually hit Andrew, grumbling “tell me to mind my business will ya!” LOL

Kaliana stayed like that for a few minutes as Martin watched her, he knew it wasn’t his place to interfere. She showed her hand to Martin and said, “hot Daba!” And sure enough her hand was hot! Then she said, “I’m done.” She then laid down on the futon and Martin laid beside her when out of the blue she looks at him and says to Martin, “Two peas in a pod” several times. That is what Andrew would say to Martin, “we’re 2 peas in a pod Daddy!” It was their thing. Martin felt excited when she said that because as she said it, he could smell Andrew’s aftershave he use to wear.

Even though I have known since Kali was tiny that she could see Andrew, I was disappointed, well actually heart broken that Andrew wasn’t here to be an uncle to her. I’d see her other uncles with her and my heart would sink because I knew I would never see her with her Uncle Andrew, the coolest uncle of them all! But after today I know that she indeed DOES have her Uncle Andrew in her life, and in a powerful and profound way I never could have imagined! They are actually working together on some high vibrational stuff! She is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! How cool is that? It does a PrettyMama’s heart good to know that my son and granddaughter do have a special bond together after all! AND it reminds me that….


kalinMUCK                                                Two Peas In A Pod Too