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Join us for an evening of mediumship as professional Irish medium Martin Jordan, who has been called the Irish John Edward AND has read for Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo’s teacher, connects audience members with their loved ones on the other side. It’s a wonderful evening of love, laughter & music. An event not to be missed!


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7 Years Ago

Seven years ago today, July 11th, was the 2nd most devastating day of my life! To say my world got turned upside down is putting it mildly, but that was only the beginning of it! While we were preparing to celebrate Elatia’s 26th birthday on Lido Beach we had to make what we thought was a quick run to the walk in clinic for Andrew. He had swollen glands and a temperature that we thought might be strep throat…..

The Dr said we had to go to the ER because his machine was too small to measure Andrew’s white cell count, it was way too high and needed a bigger machine to measure it. Again, thinking we’ll just be a little later with the birthday cake for Elatia, we went to the ER unsuspecting of the news that laid ahead of us.

Imagine our surprise when they tell us that our son did not have strep throat but instead had leukemia! W T F??? Strep throat was looking really good now! I nearly collapsed as I felt my knees get weak! This just couldn’t be true! Not our amazing, healthy, strong son! They had to of made a mistake! They also informed us that Andrew was going to be taken to All Children’s Hospital in St Pete by ambulance where he went straight into the PICU, was immediately put on chemo and dialysis to prevent his kidneys from failing from the 450,000 white cells (normal is 1,000-1,500) that were being killed by the chemo. No birthday celebration on the beach for us on Elatia’s birthday that year. My head was spinning trying to make sense of what just happened to our son, to our lives.

So the nearly 4 month leukemia journey began with our 16yo son. A journey that was so stressful, yet powerful, profound, intimate and in the end, yes devastating too. A devastation I deal with to this day. A devastation I will deal with the rest of my life.

But if my son had to go, I am soooo grateful that he was willing to go through what he did, to give us those 4 months together. Even through all the stress and pain of it all, Martin, Andrew and I had an amazingly beautiful last 4 months together spending it in love. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we talked, we had slumber parties, we had fun through it all!

I have worked hard to change the devastation days into celebration days, especially all “the firsts” after Andrew passed. But how could I do that for his diagnosis day? I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate my son’s diagnosis day.

But being diagnosed on Elatia’s birthday allows me to acknowledge what happened, BUT celebrate my daughter and focus on that instead. Yes it is a bittersweet day, but getting to celebrate one of the most amazing days of my life while acknowledging the 2nd worse day of my life helps to take the sting out a bit. It gives me a choice on what I CHOOSE to focus on, joy or pain? What a beautiful gift he gave me being diagnosed on Elatia’s birthday! Andrew was/is all about choice. That boy of mine just knows what he’s doing!

Thank you Andrew for a fantastic 16 years together and the last nearly 7 years of, while painful, enlightening lessons as we started our new relationship and journey together.

Thank you for ALWAYS reminding us that through it all, even on the toughest of days that…..


That winning smile!!

That winning smile!!

Angels Are Like Vampires

Got your attention now don’t I? How can Angels be like vampires I hear you gasp? I must be crazy to say something so outrageous, right? Guess again! It is very much true, Angels are like vampires in the sense that you have to invite them in. That’s right, Angels will stand on the side lines watching you struggle, loving you and blessing your wooden head the whole time!

You see, Angels have no egos and they know we come here to learn a myriad of things so we can evolve and grow.  I mean after all,our Guardian Angel was there when we were putting our soul contract together with our counsel. Angels don’t judge what we are going through if it’s a hard situation or not, for them they just honor and love us through our journey. They know the soul chooses to learn and experience many different things, some joyous, some not so joyous, which in the bigger picture benefits us all, the collective consciousness. So if we are struggling and don’t ask for help, they figure we want to go through an experience on our own, no matter how tough it may be, unless we ask for their help and invite them in.

The great news is, because Angels have no egos, no request is too big or too small. A good hair day or a million dollars, it makes no difference to them. Even parking spaces are not too small. I use the parking space Angels all of the time. Angels don’t judge the request. They are just happy to serve us. They honor us deeply for having the courage to incarnate into this human form, because they know it is no easy task.

Now that doesn’t mean we have our very own genie in a bottle that we can command at our every whim. In a enlightened sense we kind of do have this magical enlightened being that is with us to help us navigate our way around this lifetime, just not our every whim. And the great news is, we have more than just our Guardian Angel!

Our Guardian Angel stays with us our entire life, loving us, guiding us, and blessing our wooden heads when we take a wrong turn. We have also found that other Angels may come and go as needed for certain life experiences. But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no! We also have Spirit Guides and Animal Guides, an entire counsel of wisdom we can tap into! The help we have is limitless, and at our finger tips, if we are willing to ask, and invite them in.

So, are you wondering  if there is ever an instance when your Guardian Angel will step in and help even if you don’t ask? Yes! If you are in dire need, and it is not in your Soul Contract to leave here, your Angel will step in and help whether you ask for help or not. They help to keep you on track for your Soul Contract.

How can you not only invite them in, but work with your Angels and Guides more consciously and not just when you need help? Great question! The easiest way to open that 2-way communication to your Guides is through meditation. Yes, I know, I hear it all of the time, “I try to meditate but I can’t!” My reply: “Can’t or won’t?” Meditation takes practice and commitment. It’s like anything else you try to learn to do. The more you do it, the more you get the hang of it, until it becomes second nature. It is the natural state of the human body after all, but so many of us are not in tune with the natural state of anything, so if you allow it, it will happen.

So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath and remember to INVITE your Angels and Guides in the next time you need help! And they will keep the vampires and any other undesirables away.

Angel Blessings! ^j^

Connie Jordan

Good Life

Well here I am dealing with yet another health issue and still don’t know how serious it is yet. I was thinking, ok, maybe more like stressing about it on the way home from work last week when I turn on the radio, and hear the tail end of one of the songs Andrew has sent me in the past. I was bummed I missed it. I turn the station because of commercials or was it because of that? Maybe someone guided me to change it, because the next station I turned on, as I was disappointed that I missed a song Andrew sent me, was the same song I just missed, it was just starting. YAY! I hardly hear that song anymore on the radio, let alone twice in a row! That is when I got that all too familiar energy that is my son surrounding me, giving me a hug, to let me know that life is good! It was his way of letting me know that it was all ok. A “don’t worry you’re pretty lil head PrettyMama! I got this!”

I mean, the last seven years have been beyond traumatic riddled with major, life threatening health issues in my immediate family with my husband and both my kids, and we know what happened to my son. So with this latest health issue with Martin has had me shook up. I told him he used up all his health crisis chips with our stint in Ireland! SO has Elatia, and of course Andrew! ENOUGH already!

Martin is swollen on the left side of his neck that we thought was from a tooth. Even after going to the dentist to finally get it pulled, she is not sure if it’s the tooth causing it or not and she didn’t pull it. The dentist wants to wait to see what happens after a round of antibiotics.

When Martin was in the Dublin hospital in December 2012, the antibiotics made the swelling go down, so I’m hoping it happens this time too. I was asking, ok begging Martin to go to the dentist while we were in N Ireland, but he’s a guy and wouldn’t listen, so here we are now. Grrrrrrrrrr

I was relieved that we got a reprieve for a week or so, but Martin has to see an ear, nose and throat doctor now before the dentist OR Dr Luo, our acupuncturist will see him again. UGH! We still have no insurance, which is why I wanted to get as much done in N Ireland as possible while we were there. But hey, what do I know, right? I’m just the really wise wife after all! lol

As we were on our home, a different way than I normally go from where we got the antibiotics, we were talking about this whole situation. As we were talking, I glance over while at a red light and see a shiny, red, really expensive Mercedes car sitting in the turning lane. Expensive shiny objects usually catch my attention. Then I noticed the license plate on this car and it says, “Its OK!” I wanted to jump out of my car and thank the nice rich people in their kick ass, shiny, expensive Merc for helping to give me that message from my son!

So of course Andrew’s energy surrounded me again to let me know it was from him. Message received Muck! Seeing that message lifted the heaviness I had been feeling. I went to work filled with the joys of Spring. Even if it’s only for a short while, I’ll take it! Feeling lighter helps manifesting a better outcome. And it’s really nice that Andrew delivered this message on a $90,000-$100,000 Mercedes! A message delivered in style. That’s ma boy! Unfortunately I didn’t see it in time to get a picture of it dammit, I was ragin I couldn’t get a picture to post here. But! Here is the song Andrew sent to remind me, even though we’re not out of the woods yet, what do we have to complain about, it’s gotta be a Good Life, a Good Good Life! AND…..


Dream A Healing Dream With Me Part I

Here is part one of a two part blog entry. There are from two friends that IM’d me in the past year. This first one is from a friend who has been so supportive of us. Not just since Andrew passed, but with our work in general, years before Andrew was diagnosed. They are one of the lucky ones that actually got to know Andrew while he was still here physically.

RB’s Dream

“What I remember about this dream is that because I am super energetically sensitive and haven’t been able to properly shield myself for a while now, I tend to pick up stuff in my aura very easily. I do clear and cleanse myself regularly – but there are times when I’ve had a hard time with it and my aura might get “junked up.”

At these times, at night sometimes I will see in my dreams and/or half sleep state random images of people and faces that mean nothing to me – almost like a slide show. Also I will sometimes get where one will be more in the dream, just not a passing image, and it doesn’t feel right like why are you here, you don’t belong.

One of these times I had a man in the dream time that didn’t belong and your presence showed up. You were wearing a beautiful white gown and your energy was so magnificent and powerful and loving and SO BEAUTIFUL that the negative presence left, immediately! Like POOF gone!”

FYI side note, I do clear and protect, but there are times it is hard for me and when I am aware that I need more help I get a healer to help me. Sometimes that happens, as this case, where a loving friend who is a fellow healer and practitioner, will show up in the dream time and work with me.Thank you Connie for being that powerful, loving beautiful presence.”

So I’m going to take this as I actually scare the Boogie Man away! BOOYA! That’s kinda cool!

It is pleasure and honor to be doing this work in dream time, even if I don’t remember it consciously. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen! ;-) And as I was typing that last sentence, a song came on that Andrew has sent me, “Safe and Sound” to let me know I am absolutely correct! Also to let me know…..


Dream A Healing Dream With Me Part II

I have shared emails I have gotten over the years from people who have had amazing, healing experiences with Andrew since he left. These emails from people lift my spirits so much, and help me stay focused on the bigger picture, and not just on my tremendous loss.

Even though I know there is so much more beyond here, and Andrew is a huge part of lives still, not having him physically here is still hard. I miss that beautiful physical presence of his! His voice, his hugs, his kisses, seeing him in his room twirling his hair into a wee horn on his head as he watched his John Denver videos on YouTube.

Well the instant message I received recently was not all about an encounter with Andrew. In fact it was actually about a healing encounter with….ME of all people! Not Avatar Boy. I was shocked to say the least! Yet what she wrote to me vibrated in every cell of my body with the truth of her words, and I really needed to embrace that powerful healing side of myself more. This is not the first time I have heard this. Yes I have even heard this on this dimension by people I’ve met.

Here is the IM I received:

Claire’s Dream

“Hi Connie!

I just wanted to message you to share this utterly cool lucid dream I had last night featuring – you and Martin and a very bright and shining light! You were having this workshop thing and I just wandered in – I don’t know how I got there or why I was there and you said “you’re here – right its time for your healing we’ve been waiting for you” and I was like, “ok!”

You proceeded to do this amazing spiritual “surgery” on me and in place of the sheet they use in theatre there was this really bright shining light that shielded me from being able to see what was going on, and every now and then stopped me from being scared – not sure what you were doing back there but you were pulling out some pretty wild scary black stuff out of me and you were – um very energetic about it lol. Arms flying feverishly that type of thing. (sounds like me, always animated)

Every now and then it would seem like you were fatiguing and the light would move towards you, and seemed to re-energize you so you could keep going. A couple of times I tried to focus on the light but I kept feeling like my gaze was pulled away – it was about you and your skills, the light was “just” assisting and it was important I understood that. (And me too! A definite message for me here)

Then you said you were done and then Martin came over and said, “I’ll finish off.” He started doing some kind of procedure too, but again I couldn’t describe it as the light obscured it, but where you were very full gusto and rather dramatic (lol!) Martin was a lot more smooth action with softer movements and he was humming a tune and the tune was the healing if that makes sense. (TOTAL sense!) Then he “stitched me up” with some kind of coloured light. Each of your work seemed to compliment the other in a truly unique way and I felt really blessed.

When I got up and said thank you so much that was such a gift, you said “gift??” It costs $68!!! And I was embarrassed because I didn’t have my purse! You and Martin both then said some rather profound things that made perfect sense to me but goddammit, I forgot what it was as soon as I woke up! I woke up with Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek playing in my head and I’ve been humming it all day, which is a very random song, so not sure what that means!

I did wonder about the number 68 and I looked it up and it means “Remember that Spirit is the source of your income. Worry doesn’t assist you with your finances, but prayer always helps with every part of your life.” I have been worrying about financials lately (although I try not to!) so I really felt comfort from that!

The really interesting thing is that this procedure all happened on my right side and yesterday I did an exercise routine which I hadn’t done before, which generally gives you muscle soreness since you have no muscle memory of those moves, right? Well I woke up with muscle pains – but only on my left side! I’m not messing with you! And I feel so good today, happy, settled, like something gave way in the night. It was just so cool that I just wanted to share it with you!

The bright light that was helping was very determined to remain that – it was all about emphasizing you and Martin’s abilities, it seemed important to share that! There is maybe only 4 other people in the world I would be game to relay a dream like that to! lol I hope you don’t mind that I shared it or made you feel weird or anything! And thanks! Because I do feel really good today!! Do I owe you $68???? xxxxx”

Well, needless to say I want my $68! hahahaha no I don’t =D But I am THRILLED that Claire felt the fear and shared with me anyway! Not only did this encounter have profound messages for her, but for me as well. AND a little birdie told me ;-) that others who read this will get messages they need to hear too. SO thank you Claire for being willing to share your dream, you are delivering messages that others need to hear as well by your willingness to being open to sharing such a personal experience. We all learn and grow when we share!

This also explains why I wake up tired! LOL Apparently I’m a pretty busy woman at night! One of the messages I got from this is that Andrew wants Martin and I to focus on our own powerful abilities. Ok, mainly ME! That is why I was spot lighted in this healing. While he is very much a part of our work, it’s not all about him. He appreciates the way we honor him, but he wants us to honor ourselves just as much. After all, we are the one in the trenches carrying on this work with him. So thank you very much Claire for delivering that message to me. Heard loud and clear!

Andrew turned on his faerie light last night. That was his stamp of approval on this story. It’s been months since he’s turned it on.

So dream a little dream and see where it takes you and who you may meet and what healing that may occur. You’ll be glad you did!


Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing PrettyMama

As I have mentioned on more than on occasion, Andrew loves to send me messages through songs, A LOT! It’s one of his fav ways to talk to me. Well that, and through number sequences. Sometimes I’ll hear him directly, and other times he chooses to make me pay more attention, and music and numbers is his “medium” (hahaha get it? ;-)) of choice. What’s great about his methods is that in the end, after all is “said” and done, I feel like we have had a whole conversation. And what do I always say about that? That’s right! “It feels like the old days just in the new way!”

Tonight at work he gave me a message through a song, I guess one of the perks of having a son on the other side, everyday is take your son to work day. Now it wasn’t a song that meant anything to me mind you, just a song that was on the radio in the kitchen. I guess the manager on duty, that shall remain nameless, had the moldy oldies station on, not my fav in the least, even though the music is from my childhood. And unfortunately after I mention the song I will date myself.

I really wasn’t paying attention to the music since it wasn’t my cup of tea, but as I was leaving the dry storage area, for whatever reason, *wink wink* I heard the last verse of words to a song I had no interest in listening to. The words I heard out of the blue were, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing Pretty Mama!” Well that stopped me in my tracks to say the least!

Over the weekend some things have come up that I have to deal with, where I was beginning to feel overwhelmed again. I have been wondering how the hell I am going to accomplish them and feeling a bit defeated yet again. So you know I took it to my High Counsel, Avatar Boy, and asking him yet again, WTF dude? A little help here, huh? What’s the point of having an Avatar son on the other side if I don’t get any perks? What’s all this grief crap been about then? I want answers dammit! I go into scorned, red headed Wise One, Mama Gene mode real quick when I feel overwhelmed and helpless. And that ain’t a pretty mode for me to be in at all!

When I heard those words over the speakers in dry storage, it brought a smile to my face, and I could feel my son’s energy surrounding me in a hug and letting me know, “I got this my PrettyMama! I got this!” I got the feeling that I really don’t have to worry ’bout a thing. That my Avatar son has indeed got this, and it will all be fine…if I stay out of the way with my worry and overwhelm. It’s like he doesn’t know me at all! But apparently that is my lesson I keep having to overcome. *sigh* Why can’t I get this lesson already dammit!?

While I have heard of the song, I was not familiar with who sang it or what it was called, it’s been decades since I’ve heard it. When I got home, Martin looked it up and found it for me. While I can’t find the version I heard on the radio, I did find the lyrics and of course they were profound to me. And here is the verse that struck me, the verse Andrew wanted me to hear:

“Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, pretty mama
Cause I’ll be standing in the wings
When you check it out.
Don’t worry ’bout a thing.”

How cool is my son?! A. VERY!

I only heard the line, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing PrettyMama.” Here is the full lyrics to the song, and while Andrew used the last verse to get my attention, it was the words to the whole song he wanted me to hear, he wanted me to feel, he wanted me to know, and I do, well for the moment anyway. Baby steps, at least it’s a start. :-)

“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”

“Everybody’s got a thing
But some don’t know how to handle it
Always reachin’ out in vain
Accepting the things not worth having but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out

They say your style of life’s a drag
And that you must go other places
But just don’t you feel too bad
When you get fooled by smiling faces but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out…Yeah
When you get it off…your trip
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing…Yeah
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing…Yeah

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
Cause I’ll be standing on the side
When you check it out…
When you get it off…your trip

Everybody needs a change
A chance to check out the new
But you’re the only one to see
The changes you take yourself through

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, pretty mama
Cause I’ll be standing in the wings
When you check it out

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”

He’s a good son always watching after his PrettyMama, even when I am unaware of it. It’s just another opportunity for me to trust, surrender, and know that all is in Divine Order whether I see it or not. Maybe if I finally get that damn lesson the overwhelm will stop! Oh dare to dream! Regardless, I am glad to know that my Muck, my son, my teacher, my hero, my PureHeart, is always there to remind me, “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing PrettyMama!”

It’s All Good!

Dancing In The Moon Light…AGAIN!

These past 6 1/2 years I have talked about having experiences with Andrew where it felt like the old days, just in the new way. Today was no different. Martin and I were busy with making sure things were in order for our upcoming events next month in Ft Lauderdale and Miami, as well as doing a 20 min reading together from our special in Dec, that lasted almost 2 hours. It was a great phone call with someone we really related to on so many levels. It was her friend, who lost a son, that bought her the 20 min reading back in Dec. When I get to do readings like that with Martin and Andrew, it just makes my day! It is so much fun and enlightening to play with Spirit, and they love it too!

Anyway, after that we decided to go out and eat before I had to go to work, and see one of our fav servers at Denny’s. Yes, I know, you don’t go to Denny’s you end up at Denny’s, but they have a great new menu and we love our server Denise. Not to mention we get a lot of attention there and feel like rock stars. Hey! Don’t be judging! We take it where we can! One of their guests, as they were leaving, said we looked like celebrities! Ya gotta start somewhere. And if it’s Denny’s, then so be it!

As we are looking at the menu, Martin and I at the same time hear a familiar song and we start to laugh. Martin said that right before it started  he hears Andrew say, “Listen up Daddy!” What was the song? You probably guessed it if you have read the previous blog post about, “Dancing In The Moonlight.”

We are hearing that song more now, which is so odd, it’s not a song you hear regularly while out. Hearing it today I could feel Andrew’s energy surrounding us in that familiar way, and it really felt like the 3 of us were out having lunch together in the old way, just in the new way. Notice I didn’t say that it felt like we were out to lunch? Oh yes, I choose my words wisely when talking about the woo woo stuff. ;-)

I went to work feeling great because I spent the day with  2 of my favoritest (yes I know it’s not a word) men in the world, my husband and son.There truly are no words to describe what it feels like being with a loved one who has crossed. It opens your mind and heart beyond what you can imagine! NOTHING, not even so called “death” can break the bonds of love, and that theory has definitely been tested with us! You just have to be open to experience it.

It’s also very interesting that Kaliana has brought up the singing moon in Andrew’s bathroom lately too. Not really sure if it means anything, or if Andrew is just being playful with us like he would do when he was here, the whole random thing he would do. Alls I know is that I LOVE it and it feels like the old days, just in the new way, and that does this PrettyMama’s heart good!

Annnd I’m thinkin that maybe I just may need to do some dancin in the moonlight again!

No matter what…



Side note, when I was checking out videos of this song to post here, Martin was thinking, “OMG! There it is again!” He thought he was hearing it in his head. Messing with a medium is fun!!

Rebel WITH A Cause!

When you allow the critics, the naysayers, the haters (ie assholes) to get to you, you hand them your power on a silver platter!

*WARNING!* Joisey Gurl Lesson here. I am definitely tappin into my Joisey Gurl side on this one. NOT for the faint at heart!

I learned that lesson at a young age when I carried anger, resentment & self loathing because of the emotional, sexual, & physical abuse dealt to me by my step father from 9yo on. When you have a parent figure that beats you down, puts you down & is molesting you, your self esteem takes a HUGE hit to say the least, especially when you also get bullied at school too! Let’s just say I wasn’t rockin the frizzy hair, broken out face, & stop sign wire glasses as much as I would’ve liked. Seriously! How did I not do drugs then?? How am I not doing drugs now??!

When I realized by carrying those feelings of anger, resentment & self loathing, I was still giving my step father power over me. And that is when I said, “FUCK THAT SHIT!” “You stole my childhood! I won’t ALLOW you to steal my power or the rest of my life anymore!” And I became a rebel with a cause, and that cause was ME!

I DECIDED then that the only opinion that truly mattered about myself was mine! That if I liked myself, that is all that matters. Does it mean that when you have a hater it doesn’t sting? Especially if it’s in your own family?  No! But it doesn’t mean I hand them over my power either. I remember my younger self & say, “FUCK THEM!” There’s ALWAYS going to be haters no matter how magnificent you are. AND it says more about THEM and not you!

I didn’t even march to the beat of a different drum in school, I marched to the beat of MY OWN drum! Even when it wasn’t popular to do so. And middle school and high school are  tough places to do that lemme tell ya. I want to thank a few high school friends who reminded me of that when we reconnected on FB. I thought I was invisible except when I was getting picked on, and now I found out I was actually inspiring people with my out of the box approach to life, the beat of my own drum.

At 11yo I made a conscious CHOICE, a promise to myself if you will. I knew I had no choice at 11yo other than to figure out how to deal with the shit that was coming my way and not lose my mind or self, from my mother’s bad choices in men, and well, bad choices all the way around.

So I promised myself then, that as an adult I would NEVER ALLOW anyone to take my choices OR my power away again, because as an adult I would ALWAYS have choices that I didn’t have as a kid, and NO ONE could take them away from me ever again! I won’t ALLOW it! And I held strong to my 11yo promise to myself to this day. Man! My 11yo self just knew shit!

I won’t even hand my power over to the grief of losing my beautiful son or the grief others have tried to dump on me. Again, it’s a choice because grief is CONSTANTLY nipping at my heels & even my throat! Make no mistake, it’s a hard choice to make not to succumb to the grief, but I will NOT hand my power over on a silver platter to grief either! I will make grief my bitch first!

So remember kiddies, when you ALLOW the critics, the naysayers and the haters (ie assholes) even if it’s family, to get to you, bother you, bring you down, you are handing them YOUR power on a silver platter. Don’t hand them your power on a silver platter! (I keep hearing that Direct tv guy’s voice! lol)

This has been your Joisey Gurl lesson for today. Now get out there and kick some hater ass by taking your power back!